O.M.G Moments…..In Bed -R21-

Everyone loves good sex. And everyone would love to think they’re great in bed.

But just sometimes….things can go very, very…wrong.

Read on to find out our collection of bad and funny bedroom action.

We’ve got this kinda weird friend. You know how in American Pie the whole ‘fuck the clarinet/trumpet/apple pie’ seems kinda out there? Well, our friend does just about the same thing. But with the squid his mom buys. His family doesn’t serve squid anymore.

As a birthday treat, my friend’s boyfriend was going all out to ‘service’ her. However, she was having her period, not that this one guy minded. What he did mind, was walking out of her room (with every intention of cleaning himself up),  to a living hall full of guests throwing her a surprise party.

A girl friend from some time ago once told me about why her boyfriend broke up with her, turns out she has a habit of screaming his best friend’s name while doing the deed. We’re not gonna judge but, COME ON.

A male friend of a friend has a fling and finds out she likes anal. Hey, good for him. That is until she started SMEARING crap all over both of them!

An ex-boyfriend of mine told me how his brother would physically demonstrate (in public or otherwise), what his girlfriend was like in bed. A dead fish. Her orgasm? None, she’s a dead fish.

This couple we both know told us how one time, they were making out and having a great time with foreplay and all that jazz for say…45 mins. They were getting really hot and wanted to get down to the deal so the guy went to put on a condom, came back to bed. And promptly fell asleep. Yes, with the condom on.

xoxo, Claris and Emily

Share your own experiences with us! Or okay, what happened to your ‘friend’s brother’s neighbor’s girlfriend/boyfriend.’.

Disclaimer: We don’t own any of the images. This entry is based on personal experiences and views on the topic and is not meant to be offensive to the mentioned personalities or any other individuals.


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