TV Show O.T.M.

TV Show Of The Moment

Not the freshest show off the racks and certainly hyped alot already. BUT the show is STILL awesome! No, make that legen -wait for it- dary! We’re currently working on watching every episode from season 1, and yes, that means rewatching some bits.

Did you guys know that NPH is openly gay?! I’d rather he be Barney or Swarley to the true fans. We watched some bloopers ’cause we’re crazy like that and we’re just gonna link them below. Have fun laughing.


Season 1 Bloopers


Season 2 Bloopers


Season 3 Bloopers


Season 4 Bloopers


Season 5 Bloopers

The show is currently in it’s 6th season. Show your support!



xoxo, Claris and Emily











Disclaimer: We don’t own any of the images or videos. This entry is our own personal views on the topic and is not meant to be offensive to the mentioned personalities or any other individuals.

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