TV Show O.T.M

TV Show Of The Moment

The Walking Dead

The one show that has our blood pumping and craving for more in newly-released-serial-tv-show history.  Based on a popular American comic book series started in 2003, here’s how the comic looks. For more on the comic series, click here.

It’s basic plot follows the survivors of a zombie apocalypse, tracking their personal struggles and how their individual personalities evolve given the chain of events. They way the describe and portray the world after the apocalyptic event is extremely intense. The effort taken in creating the characters is astounding.

If you want to know more about this amazing show, click here.

For now, we shall leave you guys with these tantalizing trailers.

The Walking Dead Trailer 1

The Walking Dead Trailer 2

The Walking Dead Trailer 3

We’re hooked and absolutely can’t get enough. What about you?

P.S We’re on episode 6 and it’s still sucking our TV watching soul.

xoxo, Claris and Emily

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated to the above mentioned program or it’s network channel or any other  related companies. The content in this is post is based entirely on our own views and are not meant to influence or offend any mentioned personalities or other individuals. We do not own any of the images, all rights are reserved by the owners of the original images.


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