The Secret aka Law Of Attraction

When it comes to seeing results using the Law of Attraction we often think they will come easy, we ask, believe and we will receive right? Now it isn’t always that simple…

check out this video of Oprah when she first started using Law of attraction.

and get the book!

I was introduced to law of attraction only a few months ago.

I took law of attraction as a concept of self improvement , well it makes me feel good and I was telling myself if I want to dream, might as well dream big. On applying law of attraction, I realized thoughts play the major role and at the same time I need to be observant and attract it with Faith, Inspired action and with ONLY WHAT WE WANT. Some people called it ‘POWER ATTRACTOR’ which totally make sense. It’s shockingly amazing how I would  recalled many incidents in my life on how I wanted certain things and had literally no idea how would I get it , just that I attracted what I always wanted and eventually one day, it was right in front of me.  The most important thing we need to have is appreciation, what we want may not be what we want them to be, but it’s surely guaranteed that things will manifest. All we need to do is, to be observant enough to recognize, appreciate and be thankful for the manifestation.

I guess what I am trying to do here is whenever I move forward in life or move towards to my desires I always do my best to BELIEVE the results will eventually get better and better. You know be excited about all the wonderful things which are about to start appearing in your life. Appreciate life and every time when you do your best with such positive vibe , your faith and believes in Law of attraction will be strengthen.

xoxo, Claris 🙂

You Are In Present, Is What You Attracted In Past, You Will In Future, What You Attracting Now.”

We don’t own any of the image or video. This entry is based on personal experiences and views on the topic and is not meant to be offensive to the mentioned personalities or any other individuals.

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