5 Gifts for 5 Types of Men

It’s the last 5 days till Christmas! If you haven’t done your shopping for the special man in your life (or worst, your Dad!), you’re in deep sh*t. NOT! Here’s 5 kinds of gifts you could get for the 5 basic personality types in men. Expedite online shopping or use these as references to do your last minute shopping! Click on product names to find out where to buy the items!

(Or if you’re gonna be a cheap, lazy ass, search for sexy Santa girls and attach it to 2011’s calendar)

The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave -Sandelwood

Luxurious, Manly, Gentle on Skin.

For the Sophisticated Men, Fatherly Figures or Your Gay Best Friend.

Belkin 36-Piece Demagnetized Computer Tool Kit with Case (Black)

Value For Money, Practical, All in One Kit.

For the Technical Geniuses, Sexy Geeks and Men Good with Their Hands…

Around The World Beer Bucket™ – 6 Beers

Variety, Quality and Booze.

For the Red-Blooded Men, Sports Junkies and Pot-Belly Nursers.

The Lifted Combat Messenger in Black Men’s Bags (Messenger/Utility) By LRG

Trendy, Durable and Infinitely Stylish

For The Fashion Conscious Men, On-The-Go Guy and The Guy that Lives with Practicality.

Recycled LP Coasters

Eclectic, Recycled and Unique

For the One of A Kind Men, Environmentally Savvy Men and Fun-Loving Men.

xoxo, Claris and Emily

Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial. We are in no way affiliated to the aforementioned companies or it’s products. We are not paid or sponsored in any way for the products mentioned in this post. All opinions are our own. We do not own any of the images, all rights are reserved by the original owners of the images.


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