Claris’s Big 21! -Warning- Photo Heavy!

So Claris has finally turned 21 and of course she’s gonna spend it with people she’s closest to.

She had dinner with her family at Straits Cafe(Rendezvous Hotel) and then headed to Barracks @ Dempsey albeit not actually knowing where she was being brought to. If you haven’t been there, it has a really nice setting and has decent food. She was blindfolded and brought in, had to guess who the guests were with her blindfold on and had to go through a series of dares to earn her presents.

Here’s a whole bunch of pictures from the night! Thanks guys for all the help and for attending!

P.S Sorry some of the pictures are kinda blurry! It was a fuuun night!

Claris : The food at Straits Cafe was simply delicious! And i am so happy that my dad finally took the time to have dinner with me. Yeap he’s a very busy man.

The surprise cake 🙂

The two very sweet gentlemen making sure i don’t trip or fall  as i was being blindfolded


Claris: My lovely cupcake tower> Done by Emily 🙂

Claris: My favorite Indian. Shar

Claris: Cheeky Kevin Shoff! He was such a goofy entertainer throughout the whole night!

Claris: My awesome friend, Kelly Tang.

Claris: Favorite part of the night! Getting the presents!

Matthew Samy!

They forced me to take a SUPER big bite from the cupcake tower.

Claris: Thank you for making this night so memorable bff!

It was one of the dare from Emily and Kelly. Poor Waiter…

Sweet love.

Poor Darryl! Btw this was done by Kevin Shoff.

And later Kevin got it from me 🙂


This couple cannot ever live without each other. TRUE STORY.

Claris: Pre-bday countdown @ Kuala Lumpur. That’s Roy 🙂

Claris: I am truly thankful for all the love i got that night. Big ❤ to my amazing friends.

xoxo, Claris and Emily


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