Have you heard….?

Have you heard of Melissa and Joey?

A comedy series between Melissa, a politician with a wild, rebellious past and Joey, a commodities trader who lost everything in a Ponzi scheme and winds up, Melissa’s nanny. The chemistry between the two leads is hysterical given Melissa’s brother-in-law,  was the head of the Ponzi scheme that ended Joey’s more than comfortable life. As to why and who’s kids he’s baby-sitting, no, it isn’t Melissa’s. Lennox and Ryder are Melissa’s neice and nephew. Yes, from THAT brother-in-law.

To find out more on this hilarious comedy featuring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence, click here. Meanwhile here are some trailers, let me know if you catch some funny bugs!

Melissa and Joey Official Trailer

What The Buck’s Interview (Having a BALL of a time)

Btw, do you guys think Joey Lawrence is hot?

I think he’s smokin’.

Thou i think he’s hotter not being bald. (claris)

xoxo,Claris & Emily

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