New Year Goodies Galore, Cards, Mahjong, Ang Baos…It’s Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Just in case any of you are strangely allergic to truckloads of pictures, here’s a warning for you.

There’s nothing much to say about CNY other than eating too much, cards, mahjong and for the unmarried, harvest season. Which translates into collecting ANGBAOS.

How was your harvest this year?

First shot of the day!

I was strangely the first to be ready, although we were all still incredibly late. Lol

This year’s CNY dress theme is a classy and pure ala virginal look.

Shoes from Korea. Love them to bits.

They have the awesome-est platforms and 5 inch heels!

First stop of the day, Grandma on my Dad’s side. Meet my awesome sisters (from left) Kim and Kelly!

That’s Peishan (extreme right), a cousin from my Dad’s side. ❤

I love my sister’s Iphone app cam!

God-family! God-sis Nicole in white and her husband (in matching white) and 2 crazy cute kids! I’m an aunt, god I feel old saying that. The couple in red is Nicole’s brother and his girlfriend. =)

2nd stop, somewhere near East Coast. Dad’s uncle’s (or aunt’s?) place.

And taking pictures kills time. Mwarhaha.

And yet another one.

3rd stop, Bukit Timah. Also another Aunt (or Uncle) on my Dad’s side.

We used to run around on mini ‘adventures’ in this house, I miss being a kid. Scrap that, I miss being able to get away when I mess up.

I love my family.



❤ ❤ ❤

Lol, awkward guy cousin. Bloody *toot* wore the same colour as me. -curses-


Rawwwr!! Kim’s hair is freakin’ awesome!

Girls in braces are sooo cute. And in violet to match her clothes too! Actually it was pure coincidence since I chose her braces’ colour. Lol.

Hope you guys had an awesome CNY and won uber loads on blackjack, daidee, mahjong etc.

Xoxo, Emily.


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