Did You Have A Sweet Valentine’s?

Hellooo again!

How was your Valentine’s? Did you girls get tons of presents? And did you guys go broke? Lol. I’m being completely evil.

Anyway this year’s V-day wasn’t a big hoohah for me since it falls on Monday. Which makes it a work day. But then again, I never fancied gestures that puts me in the spotlight. It makes me….awkward. Like, what-kind-of-face-should-I-be-giving-off-do-I-look-completely-retarded awkward. I much prefer a quiet meal/watching a movie marathon/giving each other facials and massages. And with that being said, how many of you couples braved the throngs of pheromone charged crowds on Monday?

So…since the boyfriend and I couldn’t celebrate V-day on Monday, we spent Saturday and Sunday together instead.

We watched Burlesque and The Tourist on Saturday and hung out together just enjoying each other’s company. **I wanna blog about Burlesque! Mainly because I want to try a burlesque look. Yay to personal gains!** Got distracted. Right. Before the movies, I surprised him with his gift…

Which no matter how cliche it might seem, is still a classic gift item to me! Call me old fashion but I believe the scent a men wears reflect his personality thus, perfumes as a gift to a man would show how well you know him or what you think of him.

I got him Calvin Klein’s Euphoria Men Intense. It’s a sexy scent that isn’t overpowering yet is warm enough for it’s notes to be carried. Also, I detest spicy perfumes since it causes my sinuses to go on overdrive, and this one isn’t!! Personal gain FTW!

In case you haven’t noticed, the box is pretty large so I didn’t just get him a perfume. I got something completely random. Because Claris and I were walking past Mini Toons and I spotted something. It’s damn cute! And it’s a red heart! And we will completely fail at keeping it alive!

It’s the egg thing that has a plant sprout out with words! Freaking cute! EXCEPT this one has TWO sprouts and is in a HEART shape. It says I Love You. Me too. -Dies from cuteness overload- I think I’m acting damn suah ku. But I’m sorry I’ve never seen this ‘variety’ before. On 2nd thought, I’m starting to question my decision in getting the plant since 1/2 an hr after receiving it, the boyfriend said ‘I don’t think I’m going to grow the plant.‘ so I went ‘Why?!’. He’s damn cute, he said ‘I don’t want it to die.‘. Hahahaha. His choice la. Either way it looks mad adorable.

Sunday morning, I made Korean stew with clams as the main ingredients. We ate together, spent some time together…and then he had to go to work! Bloody *toot*. I would have been really sad if not for being able to meet him for dinner. We had dinner with a friend @ Esteller 77 (I really love their chicken rice set + extra cracker + extra chilli + sweet sauce) and the boyfriend surprised me with Royce Chocolates!

I love them!! Nom nom nom. I’m damn easy to satisfy. I don’t want anything fancy, I just want quality time with my loved ones and all is well. Wth, now that I’m reading this, should have made life more difficult for him. Mwarhaha.

Hope all of you have had an incredible time this V-day. ❤

Looking forward to the next! Whooo!

xoxo, Emily.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial. We are in no way affiliated to the aforementioned companies or it’s products. We are not paid or sponsored in any way for the products mentioned in this post. All opinions are our own. We do not own any images other than those featuring the authors of this blog, all rights are reserved by the original owners of said images.


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