Everyday Should be Valentine’s Day…

We were having dinner the other day when we got around to talking about V-day being round the corner and our plans for it. Anyway we derailed from the romantic notions of the event to people who exclaim, ‘EVERYDAY should be V-day, not just once a year‘ and that sparked off what we want to share today.

You know that guy/girl who just can’t help themselves but to say things like ‘Why should only your birthday be special/celebrated, you should treat everyday like your birthday’, ‘Ooh I don’t celebrate birthday’s, it’s just a normal day of the year’, ‘I don’t celebrate anniversaries/insert any other special occasion because everyday should be special‘. We really, really do not like/appreciate people who proclaim such sentiments without a specific reason (specific reason being an incredibly traumatic event that caused such a dramatic impact so as to which said person avoids said day like the plague) but simply stating it because it’s damn cool to say it/they’re too lazy to spend the thought and effort that goes into celebrating it/are so pathetic they have no one to celebrate it with. But the one comment that irks us most is….’EVERYDAY should be V-day, not just once a year‘.

Of course, we get the gist that you shouldn’t only treat the people you love with extra TLC on V-day but on a daily basis. But COME ON, do you seriously believe that you can not quarrel/have disagreements everyday?! That you can plan each and every day in your life based on making someone else feel special? That for each day in your 24 hr life in which you have to eat, shower, go to work, work , get dinner, do chores and groom yourself (some more so than others), you would be able to dedicate a good portion of to make sure that tomorrow, your gf/bf would feel like she is the luckiest and most loved person in the world. That come tomorrow (and remember V-day is now everyday) you would have an enormously gallant gesture  to remind them that, hey, today is special and you are the love of my life, I’m glad I have you in it. Sure, you may be able to do it to a certain degree for maybe a few days, but then you get tired too, you get stressed from work/life/annoying people. You feel like you’re constantly taking care of someone but you don’t get your own ‘Me’ time. Tell us, by then would you have the loveliest disposition? Would you have developed a temper? Maybe threw a little tantrum at your Valentine? Made your poor sweet Valentine shed a tear or two? There you go. Kudos on your daily Valentines‘ Day.

Also, don’t couples need some pizzazz, a spark, maybe some fireworks, to keep their relationship going? What happens when the flames die out? Let it go or create a spark? Let’s say couple A‘s relationship is waning, they love each other, sure, but there isn’t passion anymore. Then February 14 comes along, they celebrate it. Bada bing bada boom flames of love reignited! Now isn’t that sweet? Just in time too! Now let’s move on to couple B. They’re in love, treasuring and making the most of the time they have together, they are passionate and can’t get enough of each other. St Valentine’s comes along…..and hey! They. Are. Smokin‘. They decide to spend the rest of their life together. Singapore‘s marriage and birth rates goes up! Congratulate the happy couple. And there you go, there really isn’t anything terrible about celebrating V-day once a year.

We think, because the people who makes retard exclamations often 1) are losers, 2) have no life, 3) don’t actually know what they believe in and just follow the general direction life points them in (aka sheeps) they would always have something else to say. That V-day is a waste of money, that it is largely consumerism etc. If you are so miserly, go download (but don’t get caught la, unless you want to prove you’re stupid too) movies and have a movie marathon with homemade love popcorn (which is basically chicken feed). See, just add a love to anything mundane and it’s special. Save money AND not buying into consumerism. Damn smart now right. So unless you hate V-day because you’re so lazy all you can manage is reaching behind and scratching your butt crack, you really have no more reason to fake atas and act like V-day is so beneath you.

So ok, this post isn’t to lash out at everyone and anyone. We’re just pissed at people who say things like ‘V-day should be everyday‘ yada blah blah. And not just everyone who says it, but people who say it even though they don’t have a reason for it yet feel good enough of themselves to belittle the painstaking efforts couples go through to make their partner feel cherished on one special day of the year. The people who feel so high and mighty that they probably don’t have a gf/bf to spend the affection on yet still say it’s possible to make everyday one giant attempt at showing/sharing your love. If you ain’t got lovin’, don’t talk about love. Jackasses. Oh yeah, and here’s a whole smack of V-day pictures to annoy the hell out of the people who tell us ‘V-day should be everyday’.


xoxo, Claris and Emily


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4 responses to “Everyday Should be Valentine’s Day…

  1. chill babes..no need get so hot!
    some people thier defence mechanism is to strike out what. end of the day u just gotta understand thier just lonely.u dun have to emphatize with them but i think abit of symphathy will help u accept the next person who “belittles” valentines day. happy valentines day to you both! cheers!

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