Voyeurism At It’s Best…Locations, Locations, Locations -R21-


Have you guys ever done the nasty or the prelude to the nasty in public?


Everyone definitely has had a go at PDA (Public Display of Affection) at some wild/insane/drunken stage of their lives before. Unless, you think it’s kinda fun/exciting/the only way to go. In that case, you might be/are into voyeurism. How exciting. I hope when I’m out and about I catch one of you in a tight spot. With my camera. Roflmao.


Anyway, here are a few interesting places as a sort of checklist. Checklist for what exactly? How about we let you figure that one out for yourself. =P


In your office’s meeting room.

At Macritchie Reservoir.

In planes.

In public toilets.

On dance floors.

In gym lockers.

On stairwells.

In elevators.

On beaches.

In cars.

On motorbikes.

At the park.


Any clue as to what we were giving you a checklist for? Here’s an analysis of what your thoughts meant.

If you thought, ‘I’ve done it here…not there…maybe I can try the park…’. Congratulations! You’re a normal human being with explorative tendencies!

If you thought, ‘Pfft, I’ve been on all these and then some.’. WOW, you can’t get it up unless you’re in public can you?


If you thought, ‘Wah, Claris and Emily did it at all these places ah?’. OMFG you’re a freakin’ perv! Eeewww.


xoxo, Claris and Emily

P.S If you are using this list as a Do It list, don’t get arrested for indecent exposure or whatever charges they can slap you with. We’re not liable for that guys. =)



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influence anyone and is merely the opinions of the authors.




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