Amazing Batam 2011 -Uber Heavy Photo Content-

Batam, Indonesia. At first thought I was like, ‘Isn’t that where S’pore men keep their mistresses?’.  BUT, the trip was incredibly fun/relaxing/affordable  and I’m already planning a 2nd trip. I’m thinking a boyfriend trip this time. =) Btw, a bit of digressing, is it only me but have any of you heard of Batam being ‘the land of kept mistresses’?? Somehow my cousins never heard of it and I’m second guessing myself now.

Anyway, it was an all girls affair. And it was only 2 days 1 night. We got an awesome deal with Holiday Inn Resort Batam and thank god we went with a slightly pricier choice. I’m not too sure how well the other resorts fare but Harris Resort, which is just 10 mins down the road, wasn’t too impressive. The gist of our trip is fun, tanning and total relaxation. Here’s how it went.

On the way to Harbourfront for the ferry/On the ferry to Batam

My crazy fun/mad awesome sister!

Random comment : I LOVE FISHTAIL BRAIDS!!

Girls have more fun ❤ From left and clockwise: Kelly, Casey, Rachel, Candy and I.

That’s pretty much for the trip. Kkthxbye.


I was too sleepy to take more on the ferry so skip chapter till arrival.

We were picked up from the second stop of the ferry to Batam with our own driver and minivan. Lol yes minivan. If it wasn’t painted to represent the resort I would think he was kidnapping us. Anyway he was really sweet since he waited a good 1/2 hour for us to buy drinks/snacks/me to get ciggs and all that jazz. On a side note, Harris Resort has real fancy buses and vans for pick up of guests.

Arrival/Check In

The resort was a-ma-zing! We were expecting just a regular hotel set up but everything here was immaculate, the floors, walls and decor was obviously thought out and obviously set up to exude a tropical resort retreat. Plus points for not being too budget. =P Anyway the resort has too many amenities, check them out here.

Got our room card! We got a family suite since we were a group of 5 and quite honestly, it was too big for us. We didn’t expect 2 bedrooms (one with 2 singles and another with a king), a living hall, mini kitchenette, dining, 2 washrooms and a balcony. So we got an extra bed and all 5 of us crashed on the King+Single. Lol so much for being grown up when no one wanted to sleep in split rooms.

The pool was so inviting! Plus incredibly clean, like not even a tiny leaf from any of the surrounding greenery. Talk about super attentive staff. Oh and the pool guy was so cute! It was off peak period so we were the only guests he had to take care of and the service was awesome. Open umbrella, close umbrella, -drizzle- open umbrella again, -drizzle stop- close umbrella again,  shift lounge chair here, move deck table there, order food please, pool gear w/o even asking etc. And he was still so sweet about it!

Fun at the Pool

Jacuzzi/Spa Time

Read this picture carefully. Then Lol.

What we were anticipating the most from this trip! Spa time!!!

This part of the resort is incredibly pretty! The walkways lined with pebbles, arches, pillars, intricate carvings everything was tuned-to-resort-calm-mode.

What welcomes you into the main spa centre. Absolutely beautiful water feature. -Swoons-

The jacuzzi. See what I mean by the decor being well thought out?

This picture isn’t about me in the jacuzzi. It’s about us laughing when a cleaner parked his rubbish bin beside the jacuzzi. It didn’t stink or anything since he was just clearing leaves and stuff, but it definitely brought us back from we-are-in-paradise-ahhhh! mode.

The spa reception for signing in for sessions and post session tea.

This is what was omfgzeemygawd fantastic about the spa’s resort. All treatments are in individual villas. And…wait for it…it’s max 2 to a villa. This is why I’m planning a boyfriend trip, it can’t be more perfect than this for a budget holiday. We got Villa No.5, Camomile Villa. =D

The therapy room, the villa also has an outdoor bath and an en suite wash area with a shower stall, WC cubicle, 2 wardrobes and the basic taps and stuff. Of course everything was set up to make you feel like queens (or kings). Sorry I haven’t got photos for that, I just want my session to get started!

Last camwhore shot before the snooze bug hits us big time. Btw, we had a tamarind ginger foot scrub, hot compress, coffee scrub and we chose to have the Javanese massage. It was divine.

After our spa, we had teas. There was a choice of Tamarind something something tea and Ginger something something tea. Lol sorry for not remembering since we were all in close-to-orgasmic states. Anyway we all got Ginger except for Casey. The Tamarind tea was surprisingly good.

Prepping for Dinner/Dinner at Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant

We chose to have dinner out at this apparently famous restaurant. It was the only one the staff at the resort would recommend. When we asked why, they were like, ‘It’s the only one we can guarantee the hygiene of’. I’m not even sure if we should have been worried or not.

View from our room, it was pretty hazy since the sun was already setting.

Love how they have umbrellas everywhere. So attentive.

The restaurant was a good 20-30 mins from the resort and the roads were pretty dark/ulu/scary. But we finally got there whilst singing non stop in the cab and we chose a table at the end of the ‘pier’. Can’t see sh*t though since it was already dark out.

Hot Plate Beancurd

Cereal Prawns

Can’t remember what type of veg this was but it was GOOOOD. Buttery and garlicky. Nom nom nom.

Their version of salad yu tiao. This one was crazy terrible. As in b.a.d.

AND OMFG, I’m so mad at this! I lost pictures of our sambal kangkong and black pepper crap!!! Pissed off t.t.m. The kangkong was really really good. =( All in all, the meal was only so-so. The crabs didn’t taste too fresh and left this briny seafood taste in my mouth.

Next time I’m there though, I’m definitely trying dinner at the resort instead.

Post Dinner Drinks

Really strong Long Island Iced Tea.

Strawberry Margarita.

Pussy drink.*

Pussy Drink #2.*

*Simply because I don’t remember their exact names and also because I DON’T DO ALCOHOL so my friends have taken to calling non alcoholic drinks I order PUSSY DRINKS.

Last Day =(

Not. A. Morning. Person.

Buffet Brekkie. Which is actually pretty good. Only hotel I can think of that was better than this is…Korea’s Lotte World. Which was 6 stars. -_-

Last dip in the pool after breakfast. The sun was being shy, or you can just call it a b*tch. We were chasing the sunshine! omgfolttm. It was fun though. =D

We headed to town after freshening up but it was really kinda like shopping in….city plaza? Without crazy truckloads of cheap clothes. And also not knowing how safe we were since the guys either looked at us like a) we were whores or b) smiled like the pedo-smile-guy.  Thank god for the amazingly patient driver since he waited 45 mins with no news of us cause we all ended up getting hand carved souvenirs and forgot about the time.

SO I have resolved to staying in the resort on my next trip. And book double spa sessions. =)

The end of a great trip. More cousin holidays in the future!! (You hear me right Candy?) So remember, if you visit Batam, don’t be too stingy, be careful of what you eat and preferably stay in the lovely safe confines of your resorts. =D

Xoxo, Emily


2 responses to “Amazing Batam 2011 -Uber Heavy Photo Content-

  1. True, Batam does exceed your expectations.
    I started going there in the mid 2000s for work purposes a few times is for weekend leisure, great seafood at a seaside called ‘Golden Prawn’ which is the major reason for me being there at all.

    Until i stopped going about 2 years ago, the first time i ever been there was in 2003 and cabbies all over the place would keep saying ‘char bor, char bor’ to you which means women? literally, this is something not seen that much or anymore these days.

    All i can say is that the commercial sex trade has gone a little bit more underground, on a few occasions i have seen old men once disembarking the ferry an running to checkout. Well this is the only occasion other than buying 4D that they display any signs of enthusiasm or life. By the time i checkout (usually im one of the last, laid back me) those old men are no where to been seen already! And walking around batam’s downtown u’d never see any of those old men taking a walk, i figured they might be all cooped up with their mistresses/gfs in some apartment, love motel or sleazy hotel.

    Batam to me other than work is seafood and maybe a massage.
    If i stay in at a resort miles away from anything and only with horny colleagues for company whom books call girls by phone – all i did was sit at the balcony staring at the pitch black sea after dinner.

    If i happen to stay in a hotel in town, then i could walk around their mall ‘Nagoya Hill’ and hit a bar or disco.
    Anyway the cover charge includes 2 drinks and a pack of cigarettes, maybe they think you’d be bored enough to start smoking.
    There are a fair bit of local women trying to hook up with expats/tourists there for a certain price of course.

    But yes, you’d do great with the right company.

    • Thanks for sharing your side of the story. I have never been to Batam but would love to go there for the food, spa and maybe a lil shopping too! The whole sex trade thingy going around in Batam doesnt really bother me. But at the same time i wanna kay-po abit and see the CHAR BOR there! haha.

      – xoxo Claris

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