Dirtybeat = Dirty Fun!

Hello lovely people!

It’s been ages since we’ve had a post and WordPress is finally being a darling again! For everyone following us on Facebook (Claris here, Emily here) or our Twitter accounts (Claris here, Emily here), you should pretty much know we had a mad load of fun when we were invited to SOUL Club’s Dirtybeat Thursdays! This obviously translate into us 1) raving about our time there and 2) a whole sh*tload of pictures. Here’s a cool poster of Dirtybeat. Click for their website!

Anyway here’s the basic deal about SOUL club, they’re newly opened and are currently located at Odeon Towers which was previously Supperclub. Awesome travel time + cab fares for east siders! Whoohoo! Also since they’re so near Bugis, we’re loving how we can grab a good meal before a night of madness. We brought along a whole bunch of friends (plus made new ones) and got ourselves sweet VIP tables. *Cookie point number 1, they’re NOT mad expensive!* And by the way, do you guys know when people are truly enjoying themselves and having a good time? Answer: When they don’t have truckloads of pictures showing random ‘artsy’ pictures of a club’s interiors…which is why we have these!!

Also, we gotta say this, the music was AWESOME! Or rather, the DJ was! It’s like, the perfect blend of mainstream top hits mixed with uber dance-able beats. We haven’t partied hard in ages and we were rockin’ the dance floor pretty much the whole night! So yes, because we’re unhealthy/lazy people who don’t work out, we ended up with crazy aching thighs the very next day! Lol it’s a calling I tell you. Time to think about working out.

We got to sneak up to the 2nd lvl exclusively for VIPs (LOVE!). Rows and rows of plush cushioned benches and leg room with an enormous lounge right at the back. All the walls were functioning as ‘screens’ so they had all these cool projections scrolling all around you. It’s like you’re in a world of your own! Sounds great for holding mad awesome hen’s nights, birthdays, grad parties or office and corporate events, no? The lounge/bar area was more laid back and is definitely somewhere to wind down and have some private time. With the same soft benches and crazy psychedelic lighting, we can’t wait to go back!

P.S we the lights and lasers in the club! So pretty and heart pumping. Such teases in making us party harder.


Last but not least…a video of the night!

And one more of Emily having too much fun and being totally unglam.

We’re heading down this Thursday again people ! Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter and come PARTY with us!

xoxo, Claris and Emily


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