Chicken Pot, Manicures and Gong Cha!


For all of you who don’t live anywhere near Bedok, there’s a new mall there! It’s quite simply named Bedok Point and we went there a week or so after it opened up so yes, this is a really backdated post! Quite honestly, Bedok Point is more of a food mall than a shopping mall. Most of the retail joints there are kinda icky so….yeah. It’s jam packed with Pasta Mania, Ria’s Ayam Penyet, NYDC, Sushi Tei, Gong Cha, Popeyes, Subway, Mos Burger and that’s just covering our bases.We tried out this place called Chickenpot at level 2 and OMG we are addicted! Pics first, talk later!

Extra Spicy Chicken with onions, celery and capsicums.

(This is seriously so good! People pls go try this! You won’t regret it.)

I love my food to be extra spicy with lots of chili flakes! -Claris

Spicy Beef with onions, celery, capsicums, carrots, radish, meat balls and chunky portions of brisket.

And a random picture of Emily with lime juice. There’s been a recent obsession with lime and pineapple juice. Haha we’re mad like that.

So after dinner, we were exploring the mall and found a nail salon at the basement and because we love being spontaneous, we went to get our nails done! The girls there are really cheerful and fun and their nail art are extremely sparkly and cutesy. More pics!

And we’re going to end this post with something that’ll make people who knows what it is mouth watering. Those who don’t know, jump on the band wagon!

Gong Cha!

And it’s mad queues!

So remember if you happen to be around the Bedok area, don’t forget to pop by Bedok Point and try out ChickenPot and get a drink from GongCha after dinner!

xoxo, Claris and Emily


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