10 Things Men Forget To Do In Bed And 5 They Don’t Forget


It’s time for another sexy time post or rather, we just felt like it. =) Aren’t there just some things that guys do that turns you girls off just a little bit and makes your time just a little…distracting? Here are our top 10 ‘oh-no-he’s-doing-that-again‘ and ‘crap-why-isn’t he-doing-that‘ moments and because we know most of you guys out there truly are trying your best, we’ve got our top 5 things you do that really pushes our buttons. This one is mainly for guys to note but girls, we’re throwing in some things on what you could do if your man well…forgets.




It’s just distracting to see your men sexily stripped down…admiring his body…and *WHAM* why the hell do you have your socks still on?! There’s just something about a naked man with only his socks on that’s just, weird. Kind of like…a sexy girl in all her naked glory and *WHAM* nipple tape! If you wanna go naked, just do it all the way ay! There’s just nothing cool or sexy if you leave your socks on or worst, if they smell.

Girls, if your man is doing this and it’s bothering you, work your way down with kisses and caresses…and get those socks off!



A Simple Kiss vs Too Much Tongue

Like how sex should have a variation in light flirty touches and nibbles along with unbridled grasps and thrusts, a lot of men have forgotten that with kisses. A sweet kiss occasionally works better than all out lapping tongue into your damn throat.

I am sure you boys don’t want to be labelled as the ‘too much tongue guy!’

Girls, if you don’t like all the tongue action, try telling or showing him as sexily as possible how you want to be kissed.



Facial Expressions

When we look up at you in the heat of passion and see you looking like you’re constipated or solving algebraic calculations in your head, that’s a buzz killer. Like how you use your body differently, you face is part of your body. Smile a little, give a cheeky grin or even biting your lips a bit is better than making us wonder if that’s how you make love or simply not enjoying yourself.

Don’t make the girls remember your most unglamorous orgasm expression! Trust me we will have remember that face for the rest of our lives (ok lah, maybe not forever, but just don’t alright).




If you guys like us speaking up and telling you what we like and don’t, apply the same thing to yourself too! Ask us what we like, tell us what you like, you might be surprised. Tell us all the dirty thoughts running through your head, it’s a guarantee your dirty talk is going to drive us girls insane. So, if you’re thinking it, say it, things will only get hotter and steamier, lol.

*Random picture of Hayden Panettiere cause she looks like such a tease here*



Kissing Here, There and….Everywhere.

Our lips are only a small portion of our entire body and quite honestly, we want to feel your lips on our neck, breasts, back, thighs, heck, everywhere!

*Girls* Here’s the power of communication again, tell him sweetly/sexily/huskily/whatever where and how you want to be kissed and PRESTO, it’ll definitely work out.



NO Biting or Pinching Nipples

Our nipples are extremely sensitive so unless we explicitly ask for it, do not even attempt to pinch or bite our nipples! If we don’t bite/pinch your penis, you certainly shouldn’t be biting/pinching our nipples. You know what, even better, no biting/pinching unless you know it’s what your partner likes and where they like it. Not everything you see in porn feels good irl and not everyone likes everything you see in porn. It is just not COOL to see fresh bruises or worst, cuts on the nipples OK. *Note* Applies to spanking too.



Tongue in Ear

No, we do not like your wet, slobbering tongue lapping and snaking it’s way into our ears. It’s gross. Nibbling, light flicks with your tongue, sucking on the ear lobes, they’re all fine and quite a turn on but slippery, salivating tongue in ear is a definite turn off.

Girls if you’re getting this, try to redirect his mouth by shifting yourself to other parts of your body/face/nearest other surface.

*Lol I just thought of this, imagine the girl doesn’t freaking clean her ears. OMG orgasmic for the guy!  SEE gross right. So GUYS please think twice before you put your wet tongue in.* – (Claris)



We Are Not Your Personal Blow Up Dolls

Stop nudging and pushing our heads down! It’s not ok and it’s not very subtle what you’re doing. We know what you want and if we liked you enough, we’re going to do it anyway. If you really, really wanted it and are pretty sure we’re not going to give it, ask us, lead by example or better yet, save it for next time. Whatever the case, quit nudging and pushing! 

Girls your options are pretty limited with this one, either accede to his request or tell him to stop. It’s up to you to be meek or assertive.




Do NOT thank us after. All it will do is make us feel like you’re doing it out of pity or charity and even if it was true, if you pitied the girl enough to sleep with her, don’t tell her that! It pretty much defeats the purpose, no? Also in retrospect, if the girl is confident enough of herself, she’ll come to look at you as the one she slept with out of pity. It’s like helping the geeky nerd lose his virginity. Don’t even go there.


# 10

Look Into Our Eyes

Last but not least, look into our eyes. It’s really extremely sexy and stimulating.



We’re not saying that all guys are like that and that there isn’t a single redeeming point in them. So we’re going to list out 5 things that guys usually remember that really gets our hearts racing 



Lucky for us girls, because foreplay is a turn on for guys, they usually don’t forget it. Yay for us girls! –Pats all the guys who don’t forget on the back


Sweet Talking

Compliments and being a gentlemen generally. It’s pretty much a necessity if they’re trying to get a girl in bed. Not that we’re saying it in a bad light (as in ‘you’re-such-a-pick-up-artist‘ way) because it’s honestly incredibly flattering to be complimented and treated nicely but kudos for the guys who do know what to say. It’s just really sweet 🙂



Meaning guys don’t normally like the same thing too much so they try to keep things fresh by experimenting. More fun for us girls. Just be sure guys, that she’s into what you want to try. *Note* Too much variety can be a bad thing. Case in point, changing positions every 15 mins or less.



Guys, when it comes to sex, has no lack of it. It’s pretty standard, but it’s also pretty basic. And that’s something you gotta love.


Trying Their Best

It’s a male psych/ego thing. They’re going to do the best they can so girls won’t think badly of them in any way. Of course we girls know what guys consider good won’t necessarily be what’s good to us. But that’s where we gotta vocalize ourselves isn’t it?


Hope this has been useful to you guys. Just to be fair, we’ll also work on a article on what women either don’t or forget to do too. So keep a lookout for that soon!

xoxo, Claris and Emily


Disclaimer: We do not own any of the images. All rights are reserved to the original owners of said images. The content in these blog is not meant to offend or influence anyone.



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