What a rockin’ night out! -Pictures Overload!-

Helloooooo people!

It’s finally Friday!! Do enjoy your weekend! Here’s an update on what we did last week but first of all did I mentioned  Iwas in  KL too? Damn I missed out on Vice Convent at Filter! Ok but I didn’t regret heading down to KL:) I had a wonderful time! Alright enough of me yakking about my trip. Here’s a post of us hitting up Soul last Thursday!


We haven’t really partied with any close friends in ages and we headed to Soul Club after the awesome time we had at Dirtybeat. True enough, we rocked the night! It was a *finds a mild word to use* interesting night. -And guess what? Someone actually spilled drinks all over my WHITE dress! Ok at least I didn’t let that ruin the night, I kept my cool.- Madness is fun, isn’t it? Also, is it a Singaporean thing or does other countries do this too? Munchies after parties! We headed to Carl’s Junior and Junior sure is sweeeet.

Once again, VIP tables and liquor galore! And erm kinda weird but beers too. =P Thank god there weren’t any major hangovers for any one of us. Oh and did you guys know that Emily has allergies towards alcohol!? You don’t want to know what happens. Ok enough said, pictures first! Meow~~~

Caught up with Peggy Heng aka Thy Dowager

And Carl’s Junior After!

We ♥ our flower boy.

Wow the uploading of photos took a long time!  Anyway from all the pictures you can all tell that we had a great night! Plus a great night will not be complete without great friends, so thanks for partying with us :)

And guys Emily and I are heading down to Helipad on Thursday. It’s a monthly rooftop party and I heard the view is stunning so it’s gonna be wicked! We will probably head down to Soul after Helipad so see ya’all this coming Thursday at Soul! Meow~~~

xoxo, Claris Callista


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