Bad English + Sleaziness + All kinds of Wrong

Hey Guys!

If you are following us on Facebook or Twitter, you might have seen Claris ranting about something interesting and Emily hinting on a post of Social Escort-ism. It’s unsettling how much crap girls have to put up with when exposed on the web. Guys get flake for having too many girls on their friends list and are known as ti ko peks. Thing is, no one is actually going to say mean things to their faces (or Facebook profiles) like ‘You’re a perv, stop adding girls you don’t know!’. Girls however have to go through this. Thumbs up for Collegehumor.

-Sorry we couldn’t embed the video, click to watch on Youtube-

We know, we know, girls should secure their profiles, only add people they know etc. However, if girls had a facebook account for network reasons, who’s to say they can’t approve random guys? The only difference is you’d only know they were weird after approving the friend request. One more thing, it is actually possible to send people disturbing messages without being a ‘friend’.

Also, for all the losers who says girls get this kind of attention because of how they look, the pictures they post and how we live for the attention. It’s not like we (as in general, all girls, we) dress and pose like these. ‘Like these’ meaning barely there (if any at all) clothing with an intentional sexual air. And for all you suckers who don’t know, below are ALL Japanese models. Most of which are in/has been in the sexual industry. So…either all girls pose like porn stars or all creepy guys objectify females in general.

Just so you know, most female’s definition of  ‘creepy guys’ are those that  act all close and related even though they have never met the girl irl before. It’s as simple as that. In their desperate bid to be closer to the girl, they start displaying stalker tendencies. For stalker tendencies, re watch the video. =) And don’t even get us started on FB chat, randomly asking a girl you’ve never met to go prawning or tea?!

So ok, we’re getting off track here, how people use/monitor/present themselves on their accounts isn’t the issue, that’s a whole different ball game, the topic is Weird Things Guys Message Girls With.

We both got strange messages from guys we don’t know, Emily on Facebook and Claris on her email. Yes, her private email account. Quite honestly, how many girls actually respond to such mails? I mean, if no one is responding, there wouldn’t be mails like that would there? We honestly don’t know. Please enlighten. Here’s what Claris got.

First off, what’s with the bad English?! We do not profess to having the highest command of the language but basic sentence construction, grammar and PUNCTUATION?! If you wanted to ‘work’ with anyone, wouldn’t you bother to at least type in proper English and use your punctuations?! Second, and most importantly, if the level of English is this terrible and since we believe there must be girls responding for guys like these (we assume it’s a guy) to still be on the prowl, are the girls that have responded so uneducated and immoral to fall for this crap?! Does Claris look uneducated and immoral?! Does she look like a desperate hooker?! Has anything she has done on Facebook or Twitter remotely suggested that she might be a social escort? We do not have anything against social escorts, it is after all a line of work but NO Claris is just a normal girl who is in a long term relationship (Sorry CREEPS, this one is TAKEN) working in a form of government sector who also happens to be a blogger. Yes, she is incredibly attractive BUT it’s a certainty she doesn’t look/behave/speak 1) uneducated, 2) immoral and 3) a desperate hooker. And 4th I don’t fcking do discreet services on a ‘PART DATE’ you KnnCb.

And also, the guy actually FB message me. So listen up dude, don’t make me post your FB account on my blog and start humiliating you like nobody’s business. Your messing with the wrong biatch man.

Since we’re all about sharing opinions here’s how we view the predicament of girls in this day and age of online social networking. The two of us look so different, dress so differently, speak so differently, act so differently and have personality traits that are so far apart that the fact that both of us received such mails further assures us that even the most decent and demure looking girl with all the ‘right’ account security settings up would have received indecent messages or have been a victim of sexual predators. Here’s what Emily received. Sorry we had to blur out so much of the content, it was just too crude.

Yes, tried to not censor too much out. And yes, she has a 100 game requests, but if you ignore them they stop counting at 100. Back to subject. Seriously WTF. These guys are crazy! Why would you even be this obscene?! It’s an open fact that we blog, why would you send such mails that would end up in a blog post like this?! Do we look meek and insecure enough to not speak up about the kinds of sick sh*t people do?! That would totally contradict whatever was being proposed wouldn’t it?!

Now you know, girls don’t have it easy. What are our options? Block and delete or report the user or sender. Maybe even resort to changing/deleting email addresses and social networking accounts. P.S there’s no way we would delete our Facebooks or Twitters and changing our emails on account of sick b*stards. If anything, there would be more detailed posts of those m*therf*ckers instead. But that’s honestly not going to help much if there are girls out there who are ignoring, not reporting, only blocking or worst, responding to these guys. And who’s to say they can’t just create new email addresses and Facebook accounts and bother other girls?


xoxo, Claris and Emily


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6 responses to “Bad English + Sleaziness + All kinds of Wrong

  1. totally hilarious , I especially like the second one, dude must have been typing and thinking like “mans..i’m gonna get me some, she’s gonna love this!”

    I guess reality and him ain’t on speaking terms anymore

  2. Looking from another angle, maybe these people(using spare accounts) send such soliciting emails to women and if they respond expressing consent, they would subsequently post it all over the place to shame the gal.

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