Anime I’m Liking ♥

Hey Guys!

Here’s an anime I’m liking! If any of you haven’t seen it but do like animes, check it out!

High School of The Dead (Click image for Wiki)

Fast Paced, Sexy and deals with one of my favourite supernatural concepts. Zombie Apocalyptic Events. FTW! The anime is the adpatation of the internationally famous manga. Started in 2006, the manga went on hiatus from end 2008 till March 2010 and another short break in May-June this year (2010). The manga is internationally released in Spain, Germany, Brazil, Canada, France, Taiwan and the U.S. Seems the world can’t get enough of zombies. A few images of the manga.

*If anyone is looking close enough to the extreme right image, no, they weren’t doing anything perverse! Got the curious bug? Check it out then!

The anime is an adaptation so there isn’t anything much else different, I have only seen season 1 and even though it was really good and I pretty much got addicted to it, the ending did kinda suck. You’ll have to watch it to know what I’m talking about. If my instincts are right, there should be a season 2 which unlike some sequels, should be even more fascinating! If there is a season 2 -crosses fingers-, it should explain alot of what’s going in greater detail. Here’s a trailer of the anime. I saw a comment on youtube, ‘tits and zombies, can’t get any better.’. I guess that does make sense.

High School of The Dead Trailer

Who’s your favorite character? Mine’s Saeko Busujima. I’ve always had a soft spot for dark haired female characters. She’s gutsy, disciplined, extremely adaptable, highly skilled in her craft and the best thing? She is crazy hot! I know, I know, no human looks anything like an anime character but STILL.

Here’s one of her in her character concept drawing, she’s highly Japanese cultured and trained in the traditional ways of battle. One of her in her element, clearing her way through the infested school halls. And lastly, the one you guys are really only looking at, her almost naked. That whole apron thing is one of her most famous looks. How did she get that way? Watch to find out!

xoxo, Emily.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated to the above mentioned program or it’s network channel or any other  related companies. The content in this is post is based entirely on our own views and are not meant to influence or offend any mentioned personalities or other indivuduals. We do not own any of the images, all rights are reserved by the owners of the original images.


8 responses to “Anime I’m Liking ♥

  1. Saeko seems to like the main guy (name forgotten) causing some jealousy going on within the groupies lol, can’t wait to see more of it

  2. Nura is pretty nice. How the kid is the reincarnate of a demon. Pretty cool stuff. Have yet to watch all of it. Thumbs up though.

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