Who’s YOUR Celebrity Crush?

Hi Girls!

We haven’t talked about celebs in ages and since the both of us have been talking about this topic so often, we decided to share who our celebrity crushes are. Just to be clear, Emily by default prefers Asian guys and Claris likes men who are…brunettes. With that being said, there really aren’t many Asian celebrities who are hot enough to stay long on Emily’s crush list. Anyway here goes nothing!

Emily’s Totally Drool Worthy Pick Is…


Of Vampire Diaries fame, seriously, look at that face, it’s like the perfect symmetry with manliness and a boyish charm. And blue/gray eyes are to die for! Somehow, gray eyes just seem so much more mysterious and alluring. On the right person that is. You could spend hours just staring into them, not that I actually do that, but if I could. Also, he’s one of those lucky people that age ridiculously well. You know, as a girl, you either wish you had that gene, or had a man who has that gene. =D

Anyway here are some videos to further convince of hotness. Or for the convinced, eye candy.

As Daniel Meltzer on How to Make Love to a Woman.

As Boone on Lost.

As Tyler on Wake.

As Adam Knight on Smallville.

And a last one of him dancing

As Paul Denton on Rules of Attraction.

OMFG -Faints from hotness-

Next up, Claris’s Pick!

KELLY JONES , lead vocalist and guitarist for Stereophonics.

Why do I always have the hots for the bad boy look!

I mean look at Kelly Jones, mirrored aviators and  leather jacket. He totally PULLS IT OFF! Effortlessly! And OMG his strong, deep & gravelly voice was the one that made me go gaga over him.  And I realized something, I am easily attracted to men with nice shapely THICK eyebrows. Hahaha especially brunettes!

Nevertheless to say, Kelly Jone’s brows? PURRRFECT!!

Nice right!!

Oh know what? I can’t imagine myself dating a non-musician. Yeap that’s right. Haha if you know me well in person,you will know that I CAN talk about music ALL-DAY-LONG. I am not saying I won’t date a non-musician, it’s just that I think I would hit it off better with someone who’s involved in the music industry . Alright, I am suppose to talk about Kelly not myself.Anyway, Stereophonics came to Singapore twice over the past 2 years and of course I went and even got the VIP ticket! Sweet ass I know. They are amazing LIVE!  From what I remembered? They totally kicked ass and rocked the stage! I seriously cannot wait for them to come back here again.

Here are some of the pictures I took of Kelly Jones when Stereophonics was here.


I can even go gaga over his VEINS. hahaha

Ok I didn’t take this shot. I stole it from some website… He’s damn good looking here!

Here are some videos of Kelly Jones/Stereophonics. Listen to his amazing voice!

Lady Luck ( LIVE) – Stereophonics.

F*cking hell, why is his voice so bloody good.


Live ‘n’ Love – Stereophonics 2010 European Tour.

Im Alright ( Live) – Stereophonics

This is one of my fave songs from them. This song is damn sexyyyy.

I hope you guys DID watch the video. I made the effort to choose the best videos of him so, I hope you guys do watch it.


So, who are your celeb crushes?

xoxo, Claris and Emily


Disclaimer: We do not own any of the images. All rights are reserved to the original owners of said images. The content in these blog is not meant to offend or influence anyone. Original works are credited to their writers and their blog/article/website etc.




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