Helipad and SKY VIP = ♥

Hey Guys!

We’ve been having a jam packed schedule of parties and this is something we really wanted to share. For those who didn’t know, we were invited to New Asia’s House Obsession/Helipad Party featuring Sep Fontaine from the UK on the 31st of March and the Exclusive Invite Only SKY VIP Party on the 6th of April. We were thrilled to have been there and have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves so we just had to tell you guys about it! ♥

The Helipad party was BREATHTAKING. An unobstructed, panoramic view of Singapore with all her twinkly lights (not that we approve of the way we use elctricity but if something is pretty, you’ve just got to admit it), cool night breezes and good drinks in our hands. It was definitely the way to get a party started. Pictures would never do the experience of actually being there justice.

The vibe for the SKY VIP party on the other hand, was definitely harder and faster, thanks to the mad skills of new resident DJ ‘R&B Queen’ Eva T. With a broad range of chart topping hip hop, contemporary and R&B songs pumping everyone up, there was no way the dance floor would stay empty. True enough, once the dance floor got packed, no one was leaving till they’ve killed their dancing shoes. Scrap that, we’ll just dance barefoot.

I realized something here, almost all the pictures of me, I have the same pose and facial expression. -_- (Claris)

So guys, the next time we head down to New Asia, we will be inviting some of our friends so PM either Claris or Emily on Facebook if you want an invite 🙂 OR contact us through our email at clarisemily@gmail.com. Because we are NICE & GENEROUS people. 

Peace out!

xoxo, Claris and Emily


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