Treats from Japan!

Hi Guys!

Emily’s Uncle was on a trip to Japan recently and brought back some goodies. As with everything we do, if we like/love it, we share it with you guys! A bit of trivia for you, did you  know that the Japanese term for souvenirs is “omiyage” (土産)? But not as many know that when a product is associated with certain parts of Japan, it is instead known as “meibutsu” (名物)! As such, “meibutsu” that are meant as “omiyage” are called “miyagegashi” (土産菓子). Hehe. Learn something new everyday, don’t we?

Anyway here are the various snacks we tried out!

#1 Choco Custard Cream Cake

Emily’s personal favourite! Perfect ratio of cake, custard and chocolate. It’s sweetness isn’t overwhelming and it looks so frikkin’ cute!

#2 Tokyo BananaAlthough not from the original famous Tokyo Banana shop and merely a replica, it’s custardy banana filling is crazy generous and so so good!

#4 Matcha Mochi

We’re quite honestly not big fans of mochi, not even small fans. We’re just, meh. Biggest reason is because they are amazingly sweet! If you don’t have a sweet-tooth (and we do) don’t even go near the original-from-Japan mochi. These ones are choke full with really good azuki bean filling but the overwhelming sweetness of the matcha mochi was just too much. We did ask around on whether actual mochi was supposed to be this sweet and unfortunately, they are.

#5 白いお台場 (Shiroi Odaiba)

If you googled Shiroi Odaiba you would get more than plenty of references to Shiroi Koibito, the uber famous chocolate wafer snack. There are a lot of people who has said that it is a copy or imitation but honestly, if it’s good, we can’t complain. If you can read Japanese, here is a link that shows the difference in the various popular white chocolate wafer snacks. What we did find out is that whilst the hugely popular Shiroi Koibito is the original and hailed from Hokkaido, the lesser known Shoroi Odaiba is from Tokyo. Coincidentally, there is an artificial island known as Odaiba in Tokyo itself! Learn something else new each day!

#6 Millifeuille

Trust the pastry obsessed Japanese to come up with pretty desserts in convenient bite sized packages. Having them taste awesome is a bonus too! Millifeuille is a pastry originating from France that is basically Vanilla/Cream/Custard Slice. And wait for it…also known as Napoleon or Thousand Leaf! Yes, like the delicious cake from a famous overpriced coffee joint.

#7 Tokyo Ginza Baum Kuchen

Like we said, pastry obsessed Japanese. At least they do it well. Baum kuchen (aptly named since it’s golden ring layers resembles that of tree rings which translate into baum kuchen in German), is essentially a European layered cake that has seen a huge success in Japan. Looks slightly like kueh lapis made with the same theory but a vastly different technique, tastes nothing like it.

#8 喜多方 らめん Kitakata Ramen

Emily is crazy obsessed with fresh ramen, the possibilities of toppings are endless and the texture of the noodles is irresistible! Plus, a simple broth is always classic and undeniably scrumptious. This box was finished so quickly we didn’t have time to take any decent pictures of it being served piping hot. Anyway, Kitakata is in Fukushima, Japan and is the origins of this box of noodles. *Although, I do think it was procured in Tokyo. Lol. -Emily*

This about sums up our gluttony on our gifts from Japan. Hope it didn’t leave you guys too hungry! Off to make some tuna and grilled cheese sandwiches. ♥

Xoxo, Claris and Emily


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