Top Spring 2011 Nail Polishes!

Hi Girlies!

Ok, we know not all girls are into nail polishes, but for those who are (like us!), we’re crazy about them! We know, we know, being a girly girl doesn’t come cheap, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be/aren’t updated! We’ve been meaning to do a beauty post for Spring 2011 and even though we’re already mid-way through Spring, some things are better late then never! We’ve come up with a list of pretty polishes that are so yummy, we’re sure they’re gonna be the love of girls in sunny Singapore way after Spring.

Too be fair, since we don’t own* all the colors we will be showcasing, we have scrutinized all (well, almost) the blogs available in the immense space of the World Wide Web and found some of the best reviews and swatches so you girls can have the most accurate information and color comparisons. Don’t say we weren’t nice. =)

Love Number One

China Glaze Crackle Polish Series

From Left to Right: Crackled Concrete, Broken Hearted, Lightning Bolt

From Left to Right: Fault Line, Crushed Candy, Black Mesh

This whole collection is to-die-for! All the crazy variations and color combinations you can get is driving our minds into orgasmic bliss.

Credits to The Plastic Diaries for images, swatches and reviews. She even compares China Glaze’s Crackle to OPI’s Shatter!

Love Number Two

Essie’s A French Affair Collection Spring 2011

From Left to Right: Coate Azure, Nice is Nice, French Affair

There are 6 colors in this collection but we only chose 3 we actually liked. Especially loving the blue since it’s still soft and shimmery even though it is of a darker shade of blue.

Credits to Karen from Makeup And Beauty Blog for images, swatches and reviews.  Check out Karen’s full entry for all color swatches and reviews.

Love Number Three

Estessimo TiNS Paris 2011 Collection

From Left to Right: 701 Photogénne, 702 Étoile, 703 Champs-Elysees, 704 Madame Élégance, 705 Mademoiselle Cerisier, 706 Jeux d’eau

TiNS, a Japanese nail brand, famous for their incredibly glittery nail polishes, released their Spring Collection, inspired by Paris. Like most of the Spring collections from other brands, light, pastel hues were used, EXCEPT, they are crazy glittery! Unfortunately, since TiNS isn’t incredibly popular outside of Asia, we couldn’t find any swatches of the new collection.

Love Number Four

Orly Precious Collection

From Left to Right: Pure Porcelain, Gilded Coral, Fancy Fuschia, Ancient Jade, Sapphire Silk, Royal Velvet

Top Right: Pure Porcelain. Bottom Right: Ancient Jade.

Once again only choosing the colors we liked for swatches.  Claris really loves nude colors and Emily has an incredibly soft spot for greens.

Credits to Vampy Varnish for images, swatches and reviews. If you girls are interested in any other color(s) in the collection, visit Vampy Varnish for swatches and reviews of the full collection.

Love Number Five

M.A.C’s Wonder Woman Series!

Top Right: Spirit of Truth. Bottom Right: Obey Me.

We just had to color block in Wonder Woman’s colors! First off, we love her! Second, the whole Wonder Woman collection from M.A.C has the most awesome design. And lastly, we love how the colors completely veers from ‘tradional’ Spring colors. Even though this collection isn’t exactly for Spring, we love it too much to not have it up here. At least it was launched in 2011, right?

Credits to Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog again for images, swatches and reviews. She also reviewed and swatched the makeup collection so for girls who are interested, click click! Alternatively, check out All Lacquered Up for super fun designs you can create using the two colors and another point of view!

xoxo, Claris and Emily

Disclaimer: We do not own any of the images. All rights are reserved to the original owners of said images. The content in these blog is not meant to offend or influence anyone. Original works are credited to their writers and their blog/article/website etc.

*We have tried or own at least one colour in the various mentioned collections but we decided to go for reviews that feature the full collections for more variety and options for you girls.


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