What Makes A Man HOT

Hi All!

This is another post that we have been wanting to talk about!

So, what we want to talk about here is what REALLY makes a MAN hot? And whether looks are all that matters! Yes yes yes I know being ‘ATTRACTIVE’ is hard work. BUT are abs overrated these days?

Claris attended Maskulin Event right in Kuala Lumpur which sparked off our thirst in discussing this topic.

She was really excited to see how hot these M’sian hunks can get, and this is what she has to say about the show.

‘Ok, first of all, why would they wanna hold such an event at sweltering 1pm! Everybody knows how freakin’ hot and humid it can get in KL and I obviously had to wear a dress with HEELS. Such a killer. I thought such event would be in the evening/night! Sigh! Anyway, the guys were not too bad la. Most of them were fit, and I mean REALLY FIT. You know, the kind where you could tell they worked damn hard to get those rock solid chest and abs. But somehow I realized that most of them are lacking in something.’

Which is?


con·fi·dence [kon-fi-duh ns] belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance: His lack of confidence defeated him.


Which brings us back to our original topic. People usually associate girls with needing the confidence and inner beauty pep talk. But why aren’t men in need of these speeches too? We think it’s because, MEN JUST DON’T FESS UP ABOUT HOW THEY FEEL. Regardless of the subject being emotional or mental, men usually aren’t the talking-about-how-I-feel type.
For an example, take a look at this hottie

‘Body is pretty smokin’ right? With all those killer abs. BUT the moment he came forward to the mic and introuduced himself. *CANNOT F-CKING MAKE IT!* Points dropped for this hottie who speaks like a mouse.’

So what kind of men do we end up with? Physically attractive? Check. Well educated? Check. Sociable? Check. But they’re missing something…somehow they seem like shiny diamonds with a fog over it. Quite honestly, having a hot body is just a bonus, it doesn’t define a man and a hot body only serves as something to keep the lust alive. We figured men just haven’t found the perfect balance in physical finesse/grooming, confidence and the all important EQ.
Here are 3 types of men that, injected with either the Confidence or Personality shot would make them so much more desirable. Unfortunately, physical finesse/grooming is necessary in all cases.

Type One
Who they are: Studious types, technologically savvy types, bookish types, socially awkward types
What they need: Confidence
Why they need it: Most men in these categories usually stick to other people very similar to themselves. Mostly because of unity and power in numbers. For everyone not in these category, think about it, how did you treat guys falling in these catogories in school? Didn’t exactly give them the time of the day did you?
Some people may think it’s stupid that we would reference how school days has molded the behavior of these men, but consider the fact that if an average person lives to 70, and an average person received education from ages 4-24, school life would make up almost 1/4 of their lives. 1/4 of their developing lives at that. Go figure.
Anyway, most of these men are usually humorous, highly intellectual and have incredibly pleasant personalities that are often overshadowed by the fact that they don’t feel good about themselves, physically or emotionally.

Type Two
Who they are: The ‘Life of the Party’, The ‘Good Looking’ One, The Jock, Mr Popularity
What they need: Personality boost
Why they need it: Natural good looks, the youthful crazed energy and groupies are eventually going to catch up with them (or in the case of groupies, find a new target) and what do they have then? Nothing but their huge ass egos. When the real world catches up, treating others in the only way they know how to (basically douche bag mannerisms, himbo syndromes and too big for you attitudes) is not going to get them anywhere. In fact, that’s just going to piss half the world off and repel the girls. Well, the girls who’re keepers anyway.
Thankfully for these guys, they are generally physically attractive and well groomed, so all they need to do is dig deep and think about who and what they are, contemplate life and keep up the looks. Being humble and having a soul, are attractive characteristics too.

Type Three
Who they are: Every guy in between.
What they need: A pinch of confidence, a touch of personality and a sprinkling of personal grooming.
Why the need it: Nobody’s perfect, everyone always has something to improve on. Be it a little more confidence, a more vibrant personality or maybe some self improvement on how you look. A man who looks good and has an incredible personality but not having confidence  isn’t attractive. Just like how an attractive girl being catty about every other pretty girl around her isn’t.
So guys, which type are you? Think about it, maybe work on it, it never hurts to be a better person than you are now.
xoxo, Claris and Emily


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