Limited Edition Fashion Show, the KICKS, the KICKS!

Hey Guys!

Most of you might have known by now that we girls were invited to and attended the Limited Edition Fashion Show at SOUL CLUB. Well, the party was fantastic and beyond crazy, but this isn’t about the party. Let’s get back to the show! Just a forewarning, this is a picture heavy post.

How many can you recognize?

It’s pretty crazy and out there but, isn’t that vest so cute?! The wings are mad love.

Now those boots, are to die for.

The fabulous Mr Reh Beat! Feeling the Limited Edt vibe much?

Mad lovin’ her lips! Seriously how fun is it to be able to have crazy sparkly lips?!

Gotta love them Kikstyo shirts. And hot guys parading in boxers. Lol.

Yes! Claris was part of the show! Those awesome Jeremy Scott Teddies you see? They were on giveaway!

See anything you like?

xoxo, Claris and Emily


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