Things Men Wished Women Did More In Bed

Hi Guys!

This is a follow up post on our 10 Things Men Forget To Do In Bed And 5 They Don’t Forget article. So, we were talking with some of our friends about well, what women can do more in bed. It seems like either women just aren’t active enough or guys are too demanding. Interestingly enough, if you were to think about that in retrospect, it could mean that whatever things the guys are doing in bed just isn’t stimulating enough for the girl, or that the women they’ve been with just aren’t very explorative. We know, guys are so demanding *ahem*, but let’s not whine about that and figure out just what we girls can do, to spice up our sex lives and leave those greedy men wanting more.



Do a little lap dance or striptease. Use the power of being female and entice him. Alternatively, try turning a blowjob into a 69. Turning something mundane into something exhilarating is a skill too!


We know you do! Whether out of curiosity or a secret indulgence, watching porn with your partner could let you in on things that turn him on you previously never knew about. Although, he might discover a few things about you that might turn your sex life up a few notches!


You know how you like (or secretly like to but won’t admit it) watch your man play with himself? Guys totally dig women who know how to pleasure themselves. And watching it in real time? Dream. Come. True. Well, that and a threesome. Men are unfortunately very visual creatures and the sight you’re going to bestow upon them, is a major turn on.


Instead of jumping in and mauling their genitals with your mouths or hands, take your time to make your way down, maybe start with their chest and progress downwards? Even teasing their thighs and abdomen first is a tease and drives them nuts. Kinda like how you choose clothes to tease but not reveal to much, anticipation itself, is foreplay. What does it all mean to us girls? Better sex. =)


So you and your beau are getting it on, things are hot and heavy and suddenly he jumps in pain! Why, you might ask? Because once again we aren’t too aware of what we’re doing. Case in point, when you’re on top of a guy, don’t support your entire weight, on the guy’s BELLY! It just hurts and is extremely distracting. You’re on a person, not a chair after all. So if you don’t want injuries to ruin the mood, watch where your elbows, hands, knees and feet are. You might want to consider watching your teeth too.


If you don’t know how to or are new to it, imitate what you see in porn or better still, even normal television programs can be spiced up. You don’t have to act as a nurse or teacher if you aren’t into it, even watching a cooking program and translating what the host is doing into something kinky for the guy is fun too!

*Ala Deuce Bigalow : European Gigolo’s Cambodian Creamsicle*


Tie him up, play with some chocolate sauce, spice up and be filthy with your vocabulary. Did you know that any combination of the following words are extremely tantalizing to men? Examples; Whore. C*ck. Deeper. Wet. Cum. P*ssy. F*ck. Harder. How to use it: ‘Just STFU and f*ck me.’


This is really simple. Shave, wax, IPL, no one really care how you remove your hair, just get it done. There are men who prefer their women all bald (down there) while there are others who prefer a landing strip (it’s an actual term but, innuendo much?). Point is, either way there’s no way you’re getting there without some work. Also, know what’s worst then not keeping your pubes neat? Unshaven underarms.


We all know that guys like their male bits being touched, fondled, in general, given attention. However, much like us girls liking to be caressed everywhere, men do too! Give him a back rub that leads to something kinkier, stroke him between his thighs, nibble and kiss his neck and ears. There’s always something you can think of to do to any given part of his body, just experiment and have fun while you’re at it!


Alright, this is pretty controversial but, in all honesty, most men prefer girls to swallow. It may not be a necessity but it’s something most prefer. Whatever makes their brain tick non-withstanding, it’s just not a pretty sight to see a girl spit cum (or anything else for that matter) on a tissue/in the sink. Why is it controversial? Because studies have shown that swallowing semen and oral sex increases the chances of safer and more successful pregnancies, reason being you would be absorbing your partner’s antigens. So unless you have semen allergies, are afraid of getting pregnant and aren’t using contraceptives or your partner’s gunk smells like leaving fresh oysters out to rot for 2 weeks, why not?

Alright girls, we hope this article would help to spice up your sex life with your partner.

And guys go easy on your girl too :p

xoxo, Claris and Emily

Disclaimer: We do not own any of the images. All rights are reserved to the original owners of said images. The content in these blog is not meant to offend or influence anyone.


4 responses to “Things Men Wished Women Did More In Bed

  1. We’d like a good massage or mutual massage and showering or soaking in a bathtub together too.

    And to bring the stakes even higher; moan, swear, call his name, pull on the sheets and roll your eyes back.

    Leg kicking might be the extreme but take care not to kick him outta the bed!

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