OMG Cute Japanese Girls in Singapore?!

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So, I’m really excited to be writing about this! AKB48 is in town and they’re gonna be holding regular shows till the end of the year! What I’m really impressed by though, is that they are the first (imo) overseas artistes to try to expand themselves here, in Singapore. In the land where everything is so accessible, nothing really is that exciting anymore. These girls however, are so unique, I’m crossing my fingers that they do make it here permanently.

For those of you who don’t know who AKB48 are, they are an all girl idol/theatre group consisting of 58 members as of May 28, 2011. What’s so different about them, compared to artistes in general, is that they do not have agents. Yeap, you got that right, they have to individually shine so brightly to get signed and only from then on, have a company promoting them, that’s what makes these girls so talented, hardworking and humble. Also, if you looked at them carefully, you’d notice that they aren’t really extremely pretty/sexy/attractive, that’s because the girls in AKB48 are purposely selected to be girl next door types. Which is what makes them so popular. Going to throw in a fun fact: Did you guys know that AKB48 is officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as “The Pop Group with the Most Amount of Members“. How crazy is that? Power by numbers. Scary.

AKB48 Producer Yasushi Akimoto

You would think that with so many members in an idol group, operations would be a nightmare. But thanks to the careful planning of the Producer Yasushi Akimoto, the girls are split into 3 main teams. Team A, Team K and Team B with 16 members each.  They also have a Team Kenkyūsei which is essentially and understudy team of sorts. To find out more about these girls check out their Wiki or their Official Page.

Anyway, AKB48 will be holding fortnightly theater shows at *Scape which is plenty exciting. I don’t want to blab too much about technicalities so here’s their Singapore Page for schedules, ticketing, updates and all that fun stuff and their Facebook Page. Totally looking forward to the opening of their Cafe too!

The girls from Team A.

Minami Takahashi, captain of Team A and de-facto leader of the group. Good things come in small packages and Minami Takahashi, also known as Takamina, is the embodiment of that. She is one of AKB48’s strongest and most-of-the-time lead vocalist. Being only 148cm, her klutziness and boyish charm is what makes her so endearing. She has a shared blog with fellow idols Kojima Haruna and Minegishi Minami. Take a look!

Maeda Atsuko, also known as Acchan is by far the most popular and widely recognized of the 58 girls. Even though she is incredibly talented, taking on singing, dancing, acting and modeling roles, she is still extremely down to earth and incredibly ‘normal’. In fact, she is quite dorky irl. Her trademark smile and girl next door appeal is what makes her so loved. She also has a blog that is ranked as one of Japan’s top female blogs, check out her blog here!

The girls from Team K.

Sayaka Akimoto, captain of Team K is half Japanese, half Filipino and is one of the tallest and oldest girls in the group. She is normally viewed as intimidating, given her height and her tendency to be rather boyish. Of course, holding a black belt in Aikido doesn’t really help her cause either. Personally, I like that she looks different from the other girls and that she has a more sunshine disposition. She isn’t considered one of the popular AKB48 girls but her presence is always around when it comes to Team K’s stage performances and singles that are more energetic. Blog here!

Oshima Yuko, also known as Yuuko, is the contender to the Number 1 spot in AKB48. She is to Team K, what Maeda Atsuko is to Team A. Her career in the entertainment industry started at 13, where she was a gravure idol. She is one of AKB48’s most natural girls on screen given the years of experience she’s had in front of the camera. Her cheery disposition, unique personality, dimples and slight bucktooth are what makes her so popular to fans. Here’s her blog, hosted by Ameba.

Finally, the girls of Team B.

Yuki Kashiwagi, captain of team B. Her addition to AKB48 is quite a long journey. Missing the interview for the formation of Team A, she tried again for the formation of Team K where she failed the auditions. She then tried out for Morning Musume’s 8th generation auditions and was shortlisted as one of the final 25 girls. She wasn’t chosen to join Morning Musume but tried for the formation of AKB48’s last team and finally passed. Whew. Blog here!

Watanabe Mayu, known by fans as Mayuyu, is one of the youngest girls in AKB48. Unlike the other younger members though, she isn’t portrayed in a childish light. Instead, the focus is on her sweet, girly looks and cheerful mannerism, making her one of the most popular girls in AKB48. Something else she is known for, is her tendency to get injured which strangely, is something fans consider endearing. The world works in bizarre ways. Watanabe Mayu shares a blog with fellow idol Oota Aika whom she is particularly close to, check them out here!

Alright, guys stop staring. Here’s the welcome clip for AKB48 and a 3 part promotional series by RazorTV.

Check out Majisuka Gakuen that Maeda Atsuko starred in.

And Season 2!

I obviously only chose to write about the Captains and top members in each team but if you guys spotted someone I didn’t talk about and would like to know more about, check out this site! They’re pretty accurate and detailed. So, are you guys excited/interested/curious yet? If you are, start spreading the ♥!


Disclaimer: We do not own any of the images or videos. All rights are reserved to the original owners of said images and videos. The content in these blog is not meant to offend or influence anyone. Original works are credited to their writers and their blog/article/website etc.


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