We Are Youtube Addicts!

Hi Guys!

We’ve been going through a phase of watching too many Youtube videos lately. We think our brains are turning to mush from the overload of cute, squishy bunnies whilst simultaneously combusting at the masses of retardency found on this planet. Seriously, who needs TV when you’ve got the internet?! Here’s our Top 10 Youtube addictions!


Ray William Johnson

For those of you who don’t know him yet, where have you been living?! RWJ is a Youtube comedian who basically reviews ridiculous videos and comments on them. He’s hilarious on his insights. He’s so big, he even has a Wiki page. Gotta love this guy.


Top FML video

We just found out about this Japanese advertisment recently. It’s for the Ajinomoto Stadium in Japan. The Japanese are seriously ingenious.


Top Original Song

This got pretty big. Check out the links on the lower bar. Good stuff.


Best Sedation Video

Most of you guys know David after the dentist. Now check out this one. David lost an epic fight. Lol. I love American dentists. Here’s another one. She even got on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Cutest Fur Kid

The cutest bunneh ever! Feel free to turn your brain into mush by clicking on all the other related videos, unless, for some reason, you hate bunnehs.


Most Inspirational Video

Most of you should have seen this by now. Is this kid the greatest or what?! WOK AND WOLL!


Best Drunk (on the planet)

This is by far, our FAVOURITE drunk video. It’s been re-uploaded countless times with different sounds and music (even remixes!) but honestly, it’s best watching it silent. All the cover sounds and additional music are quite fail/distracting, but feel free to pick what you prefer! Also, check out our favorite drunk animal.


Funniest Song Cover

Ok, just as a disclaimer, we are in no way racist nor approve racism but this guy is seriously hilarious! Try deciphering what he’s singing. We want to marry another goat too. Lol.


Most Freaky Prank

Don’t you just love the part when the ghost came out through the wall? Bam! AHH! BAM! ARGHH!


Asshole Award

I know, I know, the video is pretty amusing but come on! It was Valentines’ Day! If any man pranks us this way, you know you’re so dead. Poor girl!

Tell us some of your favorite or funniest video! We would love to check it out since, we are Youtube addicts =)

xoxo, Claris and Emily


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