The Skinny.

Hey Guys!

We went to Skinny Pizza at Raffles City a few weeks back before our weekly SKY VIP party and because we liked our experience there, we decided to share it with you guys. Personally, we enjoy dining at the Raffles City basement because it’s 1) convenient and 2) cosy without being too hush hush. Anyway, Skinny Pizza was mentioned on Her World magazine last year as one of the Best Thin-Crust Pizzas For The Diet-Conscious. Read the article here! Check out more of their press mention on the Skinny Pizza website! One more thing, we love their tagline ‘What a crack’. Fun, apt and quirky. If you did a random google search on Skinny Pizza, the possibilities of hitting a good review is akin to throwing a pebble in Singapore and hitting a graduate. Hehheh, like the reference?

For those of you who don’t know where it is


252 North Bridge Road
#B1-63/64 Raffles City Shopping Centre S179103



For those of you who have a slight to major interest in how they describe themselves

Get a crack out of Skinny Pizza’s thin crusts that come topped with the freshest ingredients – it’s an international twist that’s causing a worldwide sensation! Inspired by the ‘Naan’ bread and ‘Paper Prata’, this is an epic pizza extravaganza of the skinniest proportions. One crack is never enough!

Here’s what we had

Vietnamese Coconut Poached Chicken

What They Say

Shredded chicken breast poached with coconut, coriander and lemongrass. Served with fresh Vietnamese style coleslaw, Thai basil and a drizzle of chilli sauce.

What We Say

The pizza crust is incredibly thin and crispy. It felt more like eating super fine crackers with topping than pizza but we liked it because it was refresh, light and you actually feel healthy eating this. Although, the chicken quite honestly just tasted like erm, normal chicken. We’re definitely going back to try out more varieties of their pizzas though! Here’s what we’re aiming for next: Bolognese with Mozzarella, Squid Ink, The English Breakfast, Wild Truffled Mushroom (I will definitely go crazy over the mushroom!-Claris) and Grilled Figs with Parmesan Crumble. We know we’re gluttons.

Bay Prawn Capellini

What They Say

Chilli with prawn Bolognese and braised baby leeks garnished with micro herbs. Accompanied with pecorino cheese shavings.

What We Say

We have no idea what we were thinking, ordering pasta at a pizza place. It wasn’t that the pastas were bad, they were just disappointing. To top it off, we ordered 2 different pastas. We don’t know if it was what just what we ordered but every pasta we had had some form of spicy, be it peppery or chilli. Eventually the spiciness just overcame our tastebuds and we couldn’t really enjoy our food anymore. Come to think of it, we could always just ask them to cut down on the spiciness, don’t know if that would affect the overall taste though.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

What They Say

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with southern New Zealand clams. Sprinkled with chilli flakes and fresh basil leaves. Vegetarian option available.

What We Say

It’s all fine and dandy when Aglio Olio is spicy but this one was spi-ceh! The clams were pretty yummy though.

Lobster Linguine

What They Say

Fresh from the Pacific Ocean! Half lobster linguine with crab meat and prawn Bolognese tossed in black pepper sauce. Topped with a luxurious sprinkling of salmon caviar.

What We Say

This would have been amazing if it wasn’t so peppery! The ingredients were very generous but all the black pepper basically masked any flavor from the lobster, crab, prawn and salmon caviar. Also, one thing about all the pastas we had, they were a tad too oily.

Iced Nougat

What They Say

A soft moist block of sponge sheets layered with iced nougat. Coated up in an Italian meringue wrap icing.

What We Say

This one we really liked. The sponge sheets were soft and fluffy and the iced nougat wasn’t too sweet. The bits of dried fruit provided a very good contrast to the sugary pastry and it was fun trying to figure out when you’d bite into another piece and what it would be. The only complain was that the meringue had softened so much, it basically formed a seal around the cake and made it hard for us to slice through.

Our lesson of the day? Don’t trust pasta from a pizza place, don’t order kopi from Starbucks. Who’s up for ordering multitudes of pizza flavors and trying to finish it?

xoxo, Claris and Emily

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