Lolitalane Phase ONE!

Hey Guys!

We’ve been talking about having some exciting changes for quite awhile now and we can finally unveil them to you! So what exactly has had us hyped up, you ask? Well, we have always believed that feedback, whether positive or negative, is a chance for us to grow. We’ve been talking to a lot of people and taken in multitudes of suggestions and improvements and after rounds and rounds of crazy meetings, we are psyched to unveil the new Lolitalane!

Here’s how it’s going to work. We’ll be implementing changes in a few stages. The first phase of our improvments, as you can see, has already taken place.


The most obvious change, is our header! First things first, the header you’re seeing now? It’s just a teaser. Yeap, you got that right. We’ve actually got something way more wicked in store for you guys. It’s going to be awesome!


We’re working with a sponsor to create a new site that will enable easy viewing for you guys! The new Lolitalane is going to feature a theme that girls will love for it’s feminine touches yet unisex enough for guys to not feel ‘I’d rather be dead than caught looking at this.’. For now, we’re getting rid of the messy header and introducing 2 sidebars to provide more information for you guys but still ensure easy navigation.


We’re finally getting rid of the hordes of dropdowns, catogories and menu items! No more dropdowns covering words and multi-posting in different menus! We’re embracing the clean and user friendly vibe.

Blogging Style

An all new blogging style. As you guys know, most of our posts are collaborated which also means longer waiting time until a new post is published. What we are going to do now is, going to increase our content count and also cater to our different reader regularly. Claris shall be focusing on the Entertainment segment while Emily is going to be writing for the Beauty segment. Don’t fret though, we’re working out a schedule to also include collaborated articles. And of course, Our Sex, Love & Men (Now renamed S&M for Sex and Men, which could also work as an double entendre) segment would remain a collaborated catogory.

Contributing Writers

With the shift in our writing style, we’re also going to introduce contributing writers. These are the people who will be filling us in with their insight and suggestions which would ensure our posts are always easy for you guys to relate to. The first of our contributing writers is A.W for our S&M segment. A.W is a group of guys we set up to be our panel of ‘male voices’ to keep our S&M topics true to light, fun and with maximum oomph on variety. They are a group of guys who aren’t shy in airing their views, full of brilliant article ideas and rich in experience (*ahem*). Keep following us to read their debut article!


If you guys think Phase One is all we have in store for you, think again! There’s a reason it’s numbered. =) Our changes are going to be in several stages and will be launched in the duration of a year. Yes, a year is a long time, but we don’t want to rush into too many changes at one go.

Coming up in Phase 2, we’re launching our new, permanent (well, almost) layout, header and our own domain along with more fun stuff!

xoxo, Claris and Emily


3 responses to “Lolitalane Phase ONE!

  1. emily 🙂

    evelyn here. kelly’s friend! 🙂 Just dropping by and saying that i think you look gorgeous in your photos here 🙂

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