The Worst of Dates and Beds

Hey guys!

I am absolutely thrilled in talking about this article. It came about really randomly when Emily and I overheard some girls (that’s you, Ida, Yvonne and Dewi) ranting about the douche bags they’ve dated whilst we were out on a semi-usual party night. That somehow gave birth to the idea of working on an article around that! So instead of giving you guys OUR worse sexual/dating experiences , We have decided to go around asking people and friends for theirs! Its REAL-LIFE STORIES .

P.S Please bear with the content as I am keeping all the submissions as original as possible ♥



This happened many years ago when I was about 15,16 years old. I got to know a guy his nick name was shinx if I’m not wrong….. We had been chatting for quite awhile and decided to meet up. We decided to meet for a movie. Before he met me he had already purchased the tickets and I had no clue what movie we were going to watch. I was with my friends in town then met him at Cineleisure. We had a casual conversation and headed for the cinema. Got our seats and waited for the movie to start, started out like a normal movie but as it went on I noticed a lot of sexual scenes coming out… I realized it was a RA movie which was more like a porn movie! I didn’t say a word to him. Once the movie was done I walked with him out and off to meet my friends without saying a word to him. He tried calling and texting but all was ignored. Who brings a 15,16 yr old on a first date/meeting to a RA movie and especially without telling her! He should have at least told me. I will never forget that.- Natasha 24 (Singapore)


Its a wonder to have dated and stayed in a relationship for 2 freaking years where I paid for everything, including food , shopping and car petrol. Paid for concert tickets. Paid for Christmas gifts. Or random shopping. The guy didn’t bother to work but always complained he didn’t have enough money to eat or do anything. It was pretty pathetic. I think I stayed in that relationship for pity’s sake. Thank god I got out of it. Worse part was he cheated on me as well. Lied to me and took me for granted. When I broke up with him, he still had the guts to come to my place to beg for me back. He did it three times. Beg for me even after a year later. He wasn’t exactly good looking. Skinny scrawny. I think I was like splashed with invincible acid blinding me during that 2 years! – Sarah 24 (Singapore)


There was once I was on a date. James was a family friend of mine who showed interest in me. Since I have never been on any dates, when he asked me out, I thought why not. I didn’t know James but I knew he was in a relationship before this. At first dinner and all was fine and then he started opening up about his past relationship. I decided to give him a listening ear. He went on and on about his ex. To me it was ok, because its nice to hear such stories . But he had to say that if his ex were to come back, he will not consider and will go back to her! In other words, I was an option to him! What a date to be told in the face. You are just his option! –Shar 21 (Singapore)


I dated a VIRGIN BOY, I had to teach him ‘biology’ amidst the embarrassment and randy-ness. When we finally had intercourse, he came in a few thrusts. Definitely puts me off with virgin boys, no offense though! – Miss Ng 22 (Singapore)


Saturday night: After having drunken half bottle of whiskey, I decided, with my friends, to go for the Full Moon Party. Once on the beach, we decided first to grab some drinks then, to find girls!! My friends prefer to enter on the crowd and dance; I chose to stay aside, close to the bar. I see a girl very close; she seems to be pretty (cause I don’t even know how much whiskey I drank before coming), so I spoke to her. She’s about 169cm, black hair, Asiatic origins but no idea from where…lol. Good feeling in the air, I proposed her to have a night with me. She accepts ☺ Once at the apartment, my vision got troubled and my stomach went to have his revenge for my health carelessness!
Finally, I managed to undress, just like her, who was much more aware than myself. At this step, I was between “to enjoy the night having sex” and “to go to the bathroom and puke like hell”. Suddenly, I don’t know how, I manage to take back my mind and I see: a big horrible tuft of hair under her arms. I can’t stand that… This is so not feminine! Then, second bad thing, she was stinking badly, nude, on the bed… I proposed her a shower but she refused…. Why? Can you tell me why please?! Isn’t that so cruel for me seriously? At this moment, I was completely disinterested by this girl (I don’t remember her name…) After having spoken maybe 10 min with her (and with windows wide opened), I decided to go to the bathroom to enjoy at least one thing during this fucking night: my vomit!! No sex, but very upset!- Fred 26 (France)


Worst relationship, I was dating this girl and she suddenly told me she couldn’t date me because of her ‘studies’. A few months later, she ended up in a relationship with the guy she was seeing during our relationship!- Jes 24 (Australia)


Worst relationship, being with someone for 4 years from the age of 19-23, giving her everything she ever wanted in life and then just up and disappear without a word after 4 years with only a TEXT saying it’s not working out. I’ve never gotten in a relationship since then. –Anonymous, 26


Well, let’s see. This was my first relationship, it was when I was 17. When we first started dating, he was very sweet and caring. He was even the type to surprise me in school with candy or a flower. After dating for 2 months, he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said yes. 2 weeks after we got together, he did a complete 180 and was just a completely different person. The only time he was sweet and caring was in front of my friends and family. He ignored me in front of his friends and there was once he slapped me in front of his dad. When we would go out for dinner, he would purposely forget his wallet and I would have to pay. Even my mom’s birthday present was paid by me. However, the worst thing he did was he left me on the side of the road on the way to my friend’s funeral. He said, ‘I can’t stand you crying’ and pulled the car over. Insensitive TTM, but we were together for 6 months before I finally pulled the plug because my Mom told me I deserved better, which I realized is very true. But this taught me a lesson, don’t find the perfect guy. Perfect is just a word for the overly insecure. –Ida, 21 (Singapore)


I was about to go down on a girl. Was licking her naval like taking my time. So I decide to go lower, as I did, in one swift motion I went DOWN and UP immediately, kinda like a ‘dolphin swimming action‘. WHY? because her pussy smelled like a dead fish! No way I am kissing that! – Sal 24 (Pakistan)


Ahh ok, being with someone whom you met on Facebook, hooking up on the first date. She and I made plans for marriage, On the 10th month of our fairytale romance, she goes ‘silent’. I checked the bank account the both of us shared and realized that she closed the account taking a lot of my money. The msges and emails fly to no avail. Suddenly I see her one day holding hands with another guy. This is not surprising. I caught her and she acts as if nothing is wrong. I laid her shit out in front of her new guy and in public. He doesn’t try to listen and just wants to bring. her. home. Not surprising, not blaming him. They run off in a hurry. Best part is she lives 15 mins walk away from me, she still pays me on a monthly basis..the words in a Kanye West song don’t rung truer than in my story, ‘Yeah she’s a gold digger that digs from me’. The sex was good though, need to see the positive in everyone. 😉 -Rashad, 25 (Singapore)


Worst experience was this girl I met at Zouk. We were just looking at each other from a far. Then when my guy friend and I went to the dance floor, she left her friend and walked to where we were. Then all the dancing, grinding and smooching begun. She offered me to hangout at her place to continue drinking. Just the both of us. When we got to her place, we chatted a little and when we got on the bed, we begun. And OMG, when her underpants came off, her bush was wild! Omg. I was rather turned off. But still  couldn’t be rude and just stop. So we carried on. Doggy was the best position as I couldn’t see bush. So yup, that was bad. –Handsome Boy, 23 ( Thailand)

Oh my! You guys have no clue how much I laughed and cried when writing up all these submissions.
I would like to thank those who took the effort and time sharing your stories/experiences with Emily and I. We love you guys and we hope that those who were in a bad relationship, LOVE will come to you! And those who had terrible sexual experiences? AHH you will definitely have ONE or TWO bad experience in your sexual life. So deal with it haha 😛
xoxo, Claris Callista

Disclaimer: We do not own any of the images. All rights are reserved to the original owners of said images. The content in these blog is not meant to offend or influence anyone.


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