Definitely Dubai -Special One Week Focus- ‘Day Two’

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Hello guys!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I hope you enjoyed the Day One article (read it here!) by my fa-vo-rite writer, Emily! You have no idea how psyched I am on sharing my experiences with everyone. Even thou it was a total PAIN IN THE ASS on uploading pictures but it was all worth it. -Claris


Mina Seyahi Westin

‘Everyone knows that DUBAI has turned into one of the most modern metropolises in the world, bordered by deserts and beaches. With the great climate and crystal clear water, we couldn’t miss out on sun-tanning, having a swim or just chilling by the beach in Dubai! Looking at this above picture makes me feel amazed again! OOH MYY GODD I swear I have never seen such spectacular view in my life. Seriously I thought Gold Coast Australia was amazing but nawwww it seriously can’t be compared to Dubai now.’ -Claris

‘The incredible thing about Dubai is how sheer modern architecture collides with traditional landscaping. The astounding variety in modern high rise designs are mind boggling to behold and what amazes me is how it converges with with the elements of mother nature. In my mind’s eye, I probably would never thought it would work out but seeing it for myself, really takes my breath away.’ -Emily

‘Not forgetting it is a private beach of Westin Mina Seyahi that just lies at the shoreline of the Jumeira Beach. Where all one need is to pay a certain entrance fee to get in but of course Lolitalane are being sponsored! The good thing about being at a private beach is that we can have all the space we want without any disturbance. There are plenty of luxurious hotels and resorts at Mina Seyahi including WESTIN and Le MERIDIEN.’ -Claris

‘The weather in Dubai has been pretty predictable, high temperatures and low humidity. We heard that it only rains a couple of days a year and sand storms are the norm but we were blessed to experience relatively pleasant and constant days and nights while we were there.-Claris

What that means, however, is perfect tanning conditions. The intense sun with barely a cloud in sight gave us the best bronzer any girl would need. The icing on the cake is, we could tan with our make up on and hair done up without fear of melting or wilting. That, is paradise.’ -Emily

‘Being at the Westin Mina Seyahi meant being able to enjoy more than the white sandy beach and warm waters of the Persian Gulf. It also meant clean sun decks, towels, wine and dine options, water sports and a variety of pools. What was funny was the amusement on our faces when we realized the lazy pool was 1.5m deep, which meant we could barely stand in the water. We eventually gave up hogging the sides of the pool and hopped over to the pool bar which was only a meter deep. At least they had a variety of thirst quenchers to save us from the extreme heat of the mid day sun.’ – Emily

Bussola Italian Restaurant at The Westin

‘After hours of activities being out in the sun, it is definitely time to get some food! Lol I talked like as if we did water sports activities for hours but fact was we were just playing in the sea (not even swimming) and stupidly enough we wore our accessories when we were in the water. I know. GIRLS.’ -Claris

‘Italian food has got to be one of my top most favourite cuisines and Caprese Salads is one of my most loved starters. It pretty much made my day to be able to enjoy the cool, tangy tomatoes coupled with mild, creamy mozzarella after such a hot start to our day.’ -Emily

‘One of the staff who managed our 2nd day’s itinerary ordered Beef Carpaccio. I love meat and beef is such a weak spot for me but I really can’t handle almost anything raw. The thin slices of beef was wrapped around balls of rocket salad and that, I loved. Accompanied by sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and olives with a balsamic vinaigrette and topped with shaved Parmesan cheese.’ -Emily

‘We’re embarrassed to have forgotten the name of one of the pastas we ordered to share BUT I would never forget the taste of food. It was recommended by the staff at Bussola and even though it was heavenly, with it’s rich mix of gourmet cheeses and crispy panchetta, it suddenly occurred to us that it tasted suspiciously like….Mac and Cheese! We have decided to name it the *Atas Mac and Cheese from henceforth.’ -Claris

*Atas = High Class

‘This dish I had is called Wild Mushroom Pappardelle. I am a big fan for mushrooms, ALL KINDS! Its so tasty and healthy you know!’ -Claris

The Walk Jumeirah

‘We dropped by a gaining-in-popularity destination after our last leg of tanning for some sight seeing and a wee bit of shopping. The Walk Jumeirah is a 1.7 km stretch of shops, cafes, restaurants along the beach which fences the Jumeirah Beach Residences. Being here gives one the feel of walking along the boardwalks of Venice Beach, CA or Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, CA.’ -Emily


Chi Night Club

‘We asked our sponsors to allow us the 2nd night off since we had a friend in Dubai too. Short of talking about Food, Sex and Men and Entertainment we also enjoy checking out clubs and dancing. Well, mostly dancing, so we had to have him bring us out for the night! We went to Chi the Lodge which houses 4 different clubs and had dinner at CheerS which is essentially American dining. Now to unveil who our friend is and the fabulous time we had at Chi Club!’ -Emily

‘Honestly, whats with the deal about Dubai or Dubai clubs being sleazy? Because from what Emily and my experiences here in the clubs are totally untrue from what most people judged. We had mad fun at Chi night club, Emily and I danced non-stop to the beat of RnB mainstream, House music and a little bit of Hip Hop as well. Music from the DJ is quite impressive, the mixes are definitely a lot better then what we get in Singapore and they even have a special act.’ -Claris

‘We were pleasantly surprised to hear the music slowly progress to incorporate live drums! It was different, wild and made the crowd go crazy! The drummer wasn’t a run of the mill performer, you could tell he took time to familiarize himself to the music set and create his own beats and he did it with such finesse too. Although I wish Singapore had a club scene like Chi Club, the patrons in Singapore are more often than not too conservative and it would probably take years before our club scene grows.’ -Emily

Special thanks to Alan who brought us to Chi Club even though he had a busy work schedule. You guys might have seen him in our previous event article!

‘The venue is pretty swish and the atmosphere makes people socially relaxed. It’s easy to mingle, let loose and have a good time. Oh better go easy on the drinks too!’ -Claris

‘The service from the staff was A-MAZ-ING. They were very attentive and friendly. They would be so attentive, everytime you take out your cigarette, service staff never fails to light cigarette. And they clear the ashtray every 10 mins! If you are almost finished with your drink, they pop out and refilled the exact drink you have. The VIP service standards is one step ahead from Singapore going to the extent of one server per table. All you need to do is have a good time, drink, and dance.’ – Claris

Day 2 is definitely a longer and busier day for us but it was equally fulfilling.  Being able to catch up with a friend in a foreign country is a bonus and we believe, if you knock out the moment your head hits the pillow at night, you must have had a pretty full day. For us, it was full of fun, culture and new experiences.

See you guys on Day 3!

xoxo, Claris and Emily


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