Definitely Dubai -Special One Week Focus- ‘Day Three’

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Hello guys!

Day 3 of Dubai for all of you. Sorry that I took quite a while as I was in KL and it was kinda hard for me to get an internet access. Even if i did, the connection was SUPER SLOW and made me gave up on trying to log in to WordPress.

Well back to talking about Dubai! It’s the 2nd last day of our trip and I was telling Emily on how I wish we could extend our stay here. I guess Dubai really did made me fall in . *BAHHHHH I didn’t want to leave at all 😦 * Knowing how much I am gonna miss the beautiful scenry, shopping and especially the people here. (haha guys! The attention we got here is unbelieveable!)  It is like the people here in Dubai has never seen CHINESE girls before !



The Burj *Check out hyperlink for info please!*

We were driving past the beach and saw The Burj, we knew we just had to take a photo with it. It is like you can never leave Dubai without a picture of The Burj!

The Burj is one of the most luxurious hotel in Dubai and is rated 5 star. I love how it is structure to resemble like the sail of a ship. Guys if you are planning a trip here, do check the hotel here at Burj Al Arab  


As you wander around Souk Madinat , you would notice the designs and shophouses are designed to resemble the old Arabian town. Oh and if you are wondering what’s there to do during evening/night time at Souk Madinat, they have a theater that caters to more than 400 audiences showcasing musical show, theatrical acts and stand-up comedies.   

The both of us just had to look for an antique and take a photo with it, haha. (Us being all touristy!) Most of the boutiques and shops sells really old Arabian antiques, oil perfumes, souvenirs and traditional or modern clothing. Just take your pick! You can simply find anything. Even beachwear or if you are looking for some Arabian furniture. It’s all available right at Souk Madinat.

Emily is so in love with this photo of me, she kept saying its so photoshoot like! Which I have to agree with her. I think it is more on the background and designs rather than me.

Imagine at night, the scenery here would be so romantic and you will see pretty lights lighted all around. Dinning at Souk Madinat would be a fantastic place, they have more than 20 over restaurants and bars ranging from casual to signature dining, with some world renowned restaurants. Ranges from Asian, Westernize and of course Middle Eastern food. Wouldn’t it be nice to go for a date around here! 🙂

I remember it was a sun scorching day It wasn’t very comfortable to be outdoor that particular day. It was so hot and dry that my skin cracked and we had to look for a pharmacy to get moisturizer for me . (I absolutely hate my sensitive skin.) Well other than that I love how it’s so quiet and peaceful and also because it was a weekday. It is nice to walk around without throngs of people.

The Meat Co.

Mocambique-style Chicken Livers

The chicken livers pan-fried in a peri-peri sauce with onions, garlic, chili and peppers. Served with a slice toasted bread. ( No I didn’t touch this dish at all. Don’t think I would be able to take the livers man. I leave it all to Emily instead.) *Emily said that she was very surprised that it was actually not bad albeit the livers being a bit dry, but the combination of the perfectly toasted bread, savory sauce and creamy texture and flavor of the liver won her over*

Emily’s main course – Rib Meat Burger

Braised beef rib meat, served with french onion and baked garlic Portobello mushroom. *Loved it!, Tender rib meat and juicy Portobello mushrooms, a generous portion of greens and the star was (surprise, surprise!) the thick cut fries. Freshly cut and moist and fluffy on the inside while crispy and flavorful on the outside. Even though the portion of the burger is more than what Emily could handle, plus she had to finish the fries!*

And what I am having is- Farmhouse Chicken Breast ( Sounds so healthy!)

Herb crusted chicken breast! Yum yummy! and topped it off with creamy cheese sauce. sauteed mushrooms. Served on a bed of sauteed savoy cabbage. *Absolutely loved the chicken! It was really tender and soft, meat was very easy to chew and adding the creamy cheese sauce just made it more juicy and flavorful! *


Off to the The Alantis! Woohoo!

Atlantis Dubai

Well it is not that hard to spot the Atlantis from far. The Atlantis has clearly made a statement of the spectacular architectural at first sight. Almost everything in The Atlantis are mainly underwater- themed. Even things you might not notice, a small corner, signs, a decorative vase and kept firmly in the marine theme!

Service, as per normal, is impeccable in Dubai. Upon arriving at the hotel, service staff are lined up to welcome guests and assist with lodging.

The interior, mouth blown glass feature, pillars and even the tiling are reminiscent of aquatic life.

Aquarium at Atlantis. *check out the website!*

Seriously this is one MASSIVE aquarium I have ever seen! I also believe this is one of the best! You will see a lot families hanging around and kids running around in their swim suits. Knowing that they just came out of the water themed park.  I absolutely adore the last picture, haha somehow just by looking at the fishes, reminds me of ‘PIRANHAS!’ so many of them swimming together! Kinda scary as well… I would just stand there for *THIRTY MINUTES * and Emily had to dragged me away from the Aquarium! Haha. 

Every fish that swam by, Emily would make a comment on how she really wants to eat this particular fish. Made me looked at her and gave her the wtf-ish look.  Lol that’s my best friend for you…

I am so fascinated by the designs on the mirror! Pretty pretty pretty! 🙂

The Lost Chamber

How I wish we had more time so we could have gone in and explore The Lost Chambers

Haha I don’t know why I just had to purposely take a photo of Emily with that guy in it. I am just wondering since they have to wear the same outfit EVERYDAY, why don’t they play around with their SHOES! Why must wear this kind of sandals =/ Not trying to offend anyone here , I am just making some fashion statement 😛 forgive me.

Ok guys end of the Day 3 in Dubai. It was an amazing day for Emily and I. By the end of day we couldn’t feel our legs anymore and yes we were dead tired, went back to our hotel and slept like a baby.

Look forward to our Day 4 in Dubai with Aquaventure, The Mall of the Emirates, previously the largest mall in Dubai before The Dubai Mall was launched and lastly, a video of the Burj Khalifa Fountain!

Love ya’all, meow~~

xoxo, Claris Callista


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