Definitely Dubai -Special One Week Focus- ‘Day Four’

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Hi Guys!

It’s our last post about our incredible time in Dubai, which also means it’s our last day there. It’s a bitter sweet feeling since we really enjoyed ourselves there and yet, there’s no place better than home. In any case, here’s what we did on our last day in Dubai, it was a hectic rush to cramp as many activities as possible before we leave! There’s only one disappointing factor, we forgot to charge the ONE camera we brought and ended up not having any pictures. This also means, we had to ‘lend’ a lot of the following images until the camera charges up. On hind side, it might be a good thing since we thoroughly immersed ourselves in our activities!

Day Four!


Kaleidoscope, Atlantis, The Palm

‘There can’t be better way to start the last day than with an incredible buffet breakfast at Kaleidoscope at Atlantis, The Palm. A mad variety of perfectly prepared and artistically presented cuisines that makes one feel a slight twinge of guilt at even consuming all the tasty morsels. The buffets at Kaleidoscope are TO-DIE-FOR.’  – Emily

The Lost Chambers, Atlantis, The Palm

‘Guests at Atlantis, The Palm normally get The Lost Chambers’ and Aquaventure’s tickets as a package, however as an add on, we could also choose dolphin interacting activities or a behind the scenes of The Lost Chambers. We really wanted to see the dolphins and tour The Lost Chambers but because we had so little time, we were booked for the Back of House Tour instead. It was pretty interesting, kinda incites a slight aspiration to be a marine biologist. But fishes either make me feel like eating them, or scare the hell out of me.’ – Emily

Aquaventure, Atlantis, The Palm
Leap of Faith

‘Aquaventure was amazing! It is the reason we didn’t have time for The Lost Chambers and to play with dolphins but it was a good sacrifice! They had  SOO many types of rides and some were TERRIFYING. Of course, Emily didn’t dare to try the wild ones but we had a lot of fun with the Leap of Faith ride and cruising down the many types of river rides they had. There is no where in the world you can have fun in a slide while drifting between shark infested enclosures!’ – Claris


Mall of the Emirates

‘We thought we were being brought to yet another mall to shop when we arrived at the Mall of the Emirates but we were in for a surprise! There is truly a whole arsenal of activities to be found in Dubai almost anywhere you go. Singapore has Snow City and Dubai has Ski Dubai which is truly another feat the Arabs has achieved. An indoor ski destination is not unheard of, but one that is almost 25 stories high and with a 400 meter run, insane.’ – Emily

Ski Dubai

‘Emily and I have never skied, snowboarded or even seen snow in our lives, we don’t even go to Snow City in Singapore and the closest thing we’ve tried to winter sports is ice skating! But Ski Dubai is very impressive, the decorations are very interesting and my favourite is the penguins! We got in a mess having a snow ball fight like two little kids! The time passed so quickly, 2 hours feels like 30 mins passed only. The quick lessons they provided was very useful, but I don’t think Emily and I can ski on a real mountain, yet, haha.’            – Claris


Burj Khalifa Fountain

‘We went back to the Mall of Dubai because we just couldn’t miss taking a walk on the bridge, watching our last fountain show and Emily desperately wanted to grab more stuff up at Bath and Body Works. We ran around like headless chicken haha. Anyway, the camera gave up on us AGAIN and I had to film the show with my Blackberry and now I have to figure out how to transfer the video. =(‘     – Claris

Those really loud blasts you hear? They’re from the jets that propel the water out and to a height of an estimated 4-5 stories!

‘One last picture of the world’s tallest building and it’s a mad rush back to Singapore where we made it just in the nick of time to board our flight. It really goes to show we’re really close when even though we’re this close to missing our flight, we still had the time to laugh like crazy women after Claris almost entered the male toilet (again!).’ – Emily

Our trip to Dubai has broken so many stigmas the country has, it really goes to show that there is always more than one side to every story, or in this case, country. Sleazy? Only if you look for it, kinda like coming to Singapore and heading straight to Geylang. Excessive? Definitely, but if you come prepared and have done your research, there are always options. The only thing that still surprises us is that there are so few Singaporeans/Chinese in the Middle East. We know of and have met Singaporeans living and working in Dubai, but tourists? Needle in a haystack would be an apt description =)

Here are some of the things we really wanted to try but didn’t have the time to, if you guys decide to head down to Dubai, let us know if you try any of the stuff we did or missed out on!

Top 5 Stuff We Didn’t Try But Really Wished We Did

1) Burj Khalifa Observation Deck

A stunning view of the country on the 124th story of the World’s Tallest Building. It’s like going to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. Every time we saw the building, I swear it was looking back at us in mockery.

2) Desert Safari

Dune Bashing, Quad Biking, Camel Riding, Sand Skiing, Shisha in the desert?! It would’ve been amazing if we could do a mini shoot too =P

3) Big Bus Day Tour

Aside from being cheap and convenient, the Big Bus Day Tour brings people to the traditional side of Dubai, Deira, where they have an expansive Spice Souk that seems really charming!


The Dubai Community Theater and Arts Center (DUCTAC) fully encompasses every house of international arts culture from Art, Theater, Dance, Drama and Music. They always have a form of exhibition or performance that teases and tantalizes  the mind.

5) Falconry

Dubai is a desert (obviously) and falconry has always been an integral element of desert life. In Dubai,  falconry is still very much alive and as tourists (lucky us) we get to experience a variety of activities with these majestic creatures. You can even sign up for short courses! Our favourite is one where we get to actively participate in flying the falcons. Unfortunately the one encounter we had with a falcon was a major fail where we freaked out so much, we got a crowd of 20 watching us like we were a stand up duo. At least we’re professional enough to mask our panic and you can’t tell we’re squealing/screaming simultaneously!

Hope you guys had as much fun reading about our trip as we did sharing it with you! Planning trips abroad are always fun and if you’ve got holidays coming up soon, consider backpacking in Dubai!

xoxo, Claris and Emily


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