It’s Cherry Season!

Hi Guys!

Ok, first of, before I start talking about what this article is about, I just wanted to say I’m shivering with excitement and trembling with nerves about writing this post. If you guys haven’t noticed, Beauty posts have not been an area we were focusing on (other than trends and updates) and this is literally the first post I’m writing that is giving focus on beauty advice. I’m not too sure how well it would be received and if it’s of any help to you girls, so let me know what you think!

-Crossing fingers that it’ll be the first of many-

So, it’s almost the end of Summer and what I really love about this season is the sheer variety of produce in peak. One of those I love the most is, you guessed it, cherries! Second is obviously what every girl loves, strawberries. Since my family gets boxes of these delicious berries during summer, I usually get my hands (and stomach) filled with these babies more than I care to admit. Snacking on berries obviously has more benefits than munching on chips, but more on that in a bit!

There are two things I love to do during summer, the first is making too many desserts. I feel really guilty for doing that since my family doesn’t really have a sweet tooth so I end up force feeding them, or giving them to friends. Anyway, I was staring at all the cherries we had bought for the house and got into my ‘must make something or I’ll die’ moods. So I made trifles. Blackforest and Strawberry Trifles to be exact.

Thing is, you don’t really need to use that many berries to make trifles since it’s layered with sponge cakes, jams, jellies, custards and cream. So what do I do with the excess cherries? I make MASKS. It might sound a bit whacked but I love making DIY masks and this is one of the recipes I use all the time. Natural (and organic if you can get your hands on those) produce are way less aggressive on our skin, and never leaves it feeling stripped of moisture. It smells incredibly good too!

I call it my Smoothie Mask since it smells just like a berry smoothie but here are the ingredients and what each are good for.


Sugar is a natural exfoliator and exfoliating on a regular basis is key to removing dead skin that cause dull complexions. Exfoliating also helps stimulate the blood circulation and promotes generation of new skin. Additionally, sugar also removes blemishes and restores skin’s natural oils, giving you a dewy complexion. Trivia: Sugar in scrubs are for sensitive skin and a moisture boost while salt scrubs give a deeper cleanse and draw out water retention.


High in antioxidants and improves the elasticity of skin. Trivia: Did you know that cherry pits are in fact, poisonous? Apples seeds are too, for the record. The seeds/pits contain cyanide and even though swallowing one or two wouldn’t kill you, chewing on them is hazardous and could lead to poisoning.


Yogurt helps to gently peel of dead skin layers leaving it smooth, fresh , clean and has high moisturizing properties. Trivia: I specifically use expired yogurt. It might sound gross but expired yogurt does not smell any different from fresh ones and the lactic acid helps to whiten skin.

I squeeze out the juice from the cherries and make the mask in the proportion of Yogurt (1), Cherry Juice (1), Sugar (2). What that translates to is eg; 1 teaspoon yogurt, 1 teaspoon cherry juice, 2 teaspoons sugar. Mix it all up and it’s ready to use! Something else I make is a Cherry Tea Eye Compress. For those of you who don’t know, cucumbers over the eyes is complete crap and has no benefit except for a cool feeling. And even that goes away when the slices absorbs your body’s temperature. What really works, is tea bags.

Tea Bags

Tea is another ingredient that is high in anti oxidants and helps draw out water retention. They also contain tannin that has anti inflammatory effects. That translates into reduced red/puffy eyes and dark circles. Chilling the tea bags also helps to further reduce puffy eyes. Trivia: There are three types of tea you can use for different beneficial properties. Green tea, white tea and black tea.

What To Do

Normally for tea compresses, you prep the tea bags like you would when making tea, chill it, and use it on your eyes. However, because you’re infusing fresh fruits, do NOT use hot water. What that does is kill the vitamins, minerals and beneficial properties from the fruit. What I do Is: 1/4 cherry juice and 3/4 water. Soak 2 tea bags in the mix and chill it overnight/throughout the day. When it’s chilled, remove it from the liquid, squeeze out the excess fluids and apply over your eyes for 10-15 mins.

Ok, here’s the part where you guys can have fun laughing at my expense. I actually demo-ed my smoothie mask to show you how it works. So yes, I don’t have any make up on (except the lashes), and I have a glaring zit. Cheers to that, and I hope you girls can tell the difference!

P.S The pictures are liquified but I did not correct or enhance my skin/lighting.
Before the mask. Dull, irritated skin and severe eyebags/dark rings.
Apply a thin layer of the mask, avoiding the immediate eye area.
<Ridiculous Picture> Gently scrub in a circular upwards motion.
<Epic Ridiculous Picture> Apply another thin layer after scrubbing and don’t forget your neck! Leave it on for 10-15 mins, in the meantime, apply the eye compress! =)
DONE! See the difference?

Hope this article was helpful/insightful/useful! Let me know if you try it out and how it went, feel free to ask me any questions you might have too!

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