We are just not that into you.

Hi Guys!

There has been this particular issue that has been bugging me and I have to write about it.  Seriously what’s the deal with people not getting hint that MAYBE THAT PERSON IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU? OR MAYBE because that person might be attached? Being in the entertainment industry, Emily and I have learned a lot on what to do and what NOT to do. I love talking and socializing with people whether it is at an event or social media. But there’s always a LINE to be drawn when it comes to socializing and the word called RESPECT.

Just to be more precise on how some people might not realize they have been doing this and signs on MAYBE that person is just not that into you.

1) Facebook chat

Ever heard of this quote : Internet is just another way of being rejected by women? Asking someone out on a date on FB CHAT is fine if you’re DECENT/GOOD looking. BUT if your profile picture is a picture of a CAR/ANIMAL or worse, some famous celebrity. Do you think you actually stand a chance?

and let me give you a REAL case scenario

This random guy FB CHAT me and said hello every 5 minutes, I only replied after 20 minutes later. (lol didn’t want to be rude so I replied right?) Next thing I know is, he asked me if I want to go out on a DATE with him. So I obviously rejected him in a nice way and gave him an excuse. Guess what? He BOMBARDED me! Saying why am I being so unfriendly and said it’s just a date. Why can’t I be spontaneous?



SERIOUSLY dude? I don’t even know you in person and your profile picture is a freaking UNICORN!

How am I suppose to know if you’re not some weird guy! Saying ‘HELLO’ for every 5 minutes even when I don’t reply? Honestly, means one thing. Desperation much? I replied because I don’t want to appear rude or air-headed. It seems like he didn’t take it that well and bombarded me with these awful comments after I rejected him. Sigh, why do I waste my time even replying.

2) A situation that drives woman crazy.

Waiting for a guy’s text or call?And after 2 days, he still hasn’t returned your call? I think every girl has been there and done that, am I right? I think this is one of the most obvious hint that every girl should understand. No matter how many times the girl tries to call or text but get nothing in return.

Hard truth :

We should be able to get the hint or rather just back off. You CLEARLY DO NOT need an explanation from the guy! Fact is you really like him and he’s not doing a great job about getting back to you when you called. You’ve to understand that men are mealy-mouthed when it comes to telling women the TRUTH. The men expect the women to get the hint! But we women ALWAYS want an answer. So sometimes by doing nothing might be the best solution! If he continues to entertain the girl back, there might be more confusion! (Equals to more DRAMA)  Call him a jerk or asshole all you want, too bad he’s just NOT THAT INTO you my dear. UNLESS you are in a relationship with him, then he better come up with a good reason.

3) She is NEVER available

Guys, if you’re just starting to know a girl and went out on a date, a few weeks later you tried asking her out again and she keeps giving excuses or reasons why she can’t meet you.

This obviously spell bad news—


She’s not playing hard to get and she is definitely NOT washing her hair, making dinner for her cat or cutting her Dad’s toenails . She’s just not that into you bruddah! Trust me, after a date and if she is really interested in you, she WOULD make time. =)

4) He only calls or visit you late at night

The guy who only calls you or pop by your place past midnight and HE’S DRUNK. He’s slurring his words and calling you ”Honey’ and ”Cutie-Pie”.


Girls, wiser up! Any call after 10.30pm, is a booty call. This obviously only means one thing that he wants– SEX. You’re probably his booty call. The fact that he ONLY calls or visit late at night spell the words of ‘NOT YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND MATERIAL.’ He’s probably using those sweet words like ‘Honey’ to bar maids or waitresses he’s attracted to. Maybe the house keeper too. Who knows! =P

Or he’s probably too busy with his Mrs Shrek in the DAY.

5) Still hung up over the old flame?

Out with her and all she talks about is her ex? Even when the both of you are casually talking on the phone and she talks about how great the old flame was or how she enjoyed the things they did, chances are she still wishes she was in that moment.


Living in the past is extremely dangerous and holding on to the previous romance can create feelings of distrust. So if the person you’re currently dating wouldn’t stop talking about the old flame or worse,making constant comparisons. You know he/she is definitely not thinking about you.  Please do yourself a favor by letting that person go. Go easy on yourself! Find someone who will appreciate and know you’re the best.

Ok I feel a tad better after writing this article!

I hope you guys got some useful points here and if that someone is doing any of these to you now. You should probably know what to do now 😉

Lookout for one of our upcoming combined article later this week!

Love ya’ all! ♥ meow~~~

xoxo, Claris Callista

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6 responses to “We are just not that into you.

  1. Oh no, I should really stop calling my friends after 10:30pm otherwise it obviously means one thing! Nicely written and good to learn from a lady’s POV.

  2. I think it’s quite sad how some people just don’t get it, guys & girls, the ones who reject and the ones who get rejected, sigh. And I’m not nearly half as nice as you are, I always ignore random ass facebook messages and whatsapps. My motto: Prevention, is always better than the cure, always.


  3. Hahaha I know right! That’s why women and men are different and certain things like this are simply because lacking of understanding and sometimes ‘common sense’ . Well I hope there are some useful points here to enlighten some people. Thanks for reading Karen! =) — Claris C.

  4. Interesting Article. In life there’s always a double standard. The above would be a moot point if the guy was hot or good looking.

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