Do You Have a Secret Occupation?


Have you guys ever been so jaded by the mundane passing of each day that you wished you had an exotic or unique job? Maybe even entertain a fleeting thought of a life of excitement or maybe danger, even if you loved the life you’re leading now? 

We have!

We often hold cook out sessions, where it’s a tradition  to ask random questions round the table during games. During one of our recent sessions, someone asked us a rather interesting question, ‘What would be your secret occupation?’. That stopped us in our tracks and gave us something to think about. If you could choose an occupation without the constrains and judgment of societal pressure, that you did not have an educational or financial limit to achieving that profession, what would you choose?

Here’s Our (Not So) Secret Occupational Choices!

Claris’s Choice

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter, someone who pursues fugitives or criminals for whom a reward is offered. Another name that is commonly use for bounty hunter would be, fugitive recovery agentWith that being said, it really begins with where you live. Some Countries/States don’t allow Bounty Hunters or some States require bounty hunter to have certain licenses stating that they are a Bounty Hunter. In most States where all you need is a permit to carry just a handgun. So many restrictions in Singapore, being Bounty Hunter here? That seems pretty IMPOSSIBLE. Also, why do we need Bounty Hunter when we already have Police Force? Simply because the police don’t have enough time to go after every warrant put on someone’s head just because they skipped bail!

A career as a Bounty Hunter is not to be taken lightly, you know one couldn’t enter into this profession without researching and training. Also, bounty hunter must know how to investigate in missing person and be good in negotiating. For that, bounty hunter would need to know/learn the fugitive’s habits, friends and enemies. The reason why I would choose to be a Bounty Hunter is because I think it is a very intriguing job. To be able to carry weapons and fight? DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME! I know it is not a very ideal job to many women out there but one thing you have to know about me is I am not the ‘Girl Next Door.’ And ever since when I was young I have always wanted to go into the Army or join the Special Operation Force.  My family is pretty traditional and I guess my dad wouldn’t allow his only daughter to have such a ‘Men job.’ (You get my drift.)

Please do not misunderstood the job scope of a Bounty Hunter. They DO NOT USUALLY KILL the fugitives. Unless the circumstances allows or forces them to. Most of the time, they CAPTURES the fugitives. If you’re EVER thinking of becoming one, please take note that being a Bounty Hunter can be quite lucrative. Every fugitive is considered armed and very dangerous. Meaning? Your own life is constantly in danger too .

Videos on Being a Bounty Hunter

Keira Knightley as a Bounty hunter. Total bad ass!

Just remember to always WATCH YOUR BACK as a Bounty Hunter.

p.s It was such a pain in the ass looking props for my secret occupation but I am glad I found the perfect weapons.

Emily’s Choice

Sex Therapist

Sex Therapist, a trained professional specialized in helping individual(s) with sexual dysfunction through talk therapy.  That in itself, should be quite intriguing to the general public. However, not many people, especially in Asian culture can accept such a job, much less admit having a problem under the sheets. Interestingly enough, sexual dysfunctions don’t only include ’embarrassing’ issues like premature ejaculation,  erectile dysfunction or sexual addiction. Sex therapists often deal with problems like non-consummation (where a married couple does not engage in sexual intercourse for a variety of reasons) and even unwanted sexual fetishes that can cause an individual to have problems leading a conducive life.

Now, the reason why I chose being  Sex Therapist as my secret occupation is not because I’m kaypoh (singlish for busybody) but because I truly feel that Asian society has trouble recognizing that there are many forms of sexual problems and that they are completely treatable. Another problem is how we may feel humiliated and useless if we have a condition, which is why therapy is so useful and can help people have a more enriching marriage and sex life. The thing about seeing a therapist that people often forget, is that it’s always confidential, you don’t have to tell anyone you have a problem, but if you know you might have some issues and could fix it, wouldn’t you want to lead a more enriching life?

There are many types of sexually oriented problems and even more reasons as to the cause of these problems , and that is why I think that sexual therapy is so interesting. I love exploring a person’s mind and if possible, help them. Psychology and psychiatry (which by the way, are two different fields) already has a wealth of human resources and yet sex therapy, which also includes an educational route in psychology has a lack of professionals in Asia. Is it the taboo of the subject? Maybe, but if I could have my life made over, that’s one path I would love to explore. I’m not saying that I regret the way my life has turned out because I absolutely love my life and the life I’m living, but if I could help a unique group of people, why not?

I truly feel that Sex Therapists aren’t given enough recognition and credit for the work they do and lives they’ve changed and enriched. People should be more educated about sex and all it’s related topics. I’m surprised that many of my friends get their information from hearsay or don’t know about sexually related diseases and that in itself is scary. Misinformation and untruths could be flying everywhere and just because a lot of people are saying it, doesn’t make it true. It’s the same with the media and gossip trains, do you believe everything they say? Do you believe everything I’m saying?

Check out these videos.

Take a look at the other videos from both channels to get a more in depth idea on what a Sex Therapist does. It might help or educate you even more accurately than whatever I’m saying here. Remember, if you have a problem, never hesitate to get assistance from a trained specialist and live the best life you can possibly have.

So what do you guys think about our choices? Too taboo? Or ambitious? Since the day we were asked what our secret occupations was, we’ve gone around asking friends what theirs would be. Sometimes, the answers reveal their hidden desires and sometimes, it’s quite funny, especially if we were to think about our friend actually holding that job. Like say, a porn star.

xoxo, Claris and Emily


4 responses to “Do You Have a Secret Occupation?

  1. Male Escort! Get paid of wining and dining and if she’s hot free sex too (either than that i got to be really drunk.)! Its a Win Win. 😉

  2. hahaha. had this discussion with the Mrs last time and she reminded me that fat, ugly & old ones also have to “Do”. So I decided against it and opted to be a professional Prostitute .. Sorry I meant Architect. I get confused especially when clients throw a fit.

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