Do You Have Uneven Eyes?!

Hi Guys!

Right. I know this topic/issue is extremely commen. People in general don’t have symmetrical faces, much less eyes. What I’m talking about though, is where you have one mono eyelid and one parallel eyelid. Or even one parallel and one tapered eyelid. I’m talking big differences in the shape of your eye that makes application of eye makeup a hassle. Here are the 3 most popular ways of dealing with the issue, but before that.

A clarification. For people who don’t know, Asians DO have double eyelids that occur naturally. Large eyes with double eyelids have always been viewed as beautiful and represent good health and vitality. What does that mean? It means that Asians who have surgery to have double eyelids or who enhance their eyes are largely doing it because of peer pressure and the desire to fit in and better themselves. Ditto for slender and high nose bridges. The chances of an Asian having surgery to look Caucasian is extremely rare and unless they’ve been sucker punched in the head, I doubt anyone is delusional enough to believe that surgery and extreme make up can semi and/or permanantly change your race.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up. There are 3 types of eyelids that occur most commenly amongst Asians. Mono Lids, Tapered Lids and Parallel Lids. Say whaat?! Yes, it might seem confusing, so here’s a guide on types of eyelids.

There are many reasons why people have different eyelid shapes. Everything from how hollow your eye socket is to the height of your nose plays a role in determining why you have the eye shape you have. If you studied the sketch, the pupils and size of the eyes are almost similar, yet the parallel eyelid looks larger and more prominent. That’s why parallel eyelids are so sought after.

The shape of your eyes also make a big difference to your general ‘look’. That is, the kind of style you carry off better. I’ve actually noticed that, the smaller one’s eyes are, the more ‘definitive’ and ‘restricted’ they become. Here are Asian celebrities with different types of eyelids and if you are familiar with them, you’d know what I mean.

Mono EyelidsLucy Liu from Charlie’s Angels, Ahn So Hee from Wondergirls and Hot mom, Wong Li Lin.

Tapered Eyelids – Sex kitten Lee Hyori, the never aging Fann Wong and Sandara Park of 2NE1.

Parallel Eyelids – Ethereal beauty Vivian Hsu, Queen of originality Ayumi Hamasaki and our very own Claris who’s in here because she has natural parallel eyelids too. Lol

Obviously, you can’t predetermine your looks before or even after you are born. I’ve known plenty of people who are born mono eye lidded and grew up to have only one tapered eyelid among all the other funky combinations. So what do you do when one eye is permanently smaller than the other? Either consider surgically correcting it, or be hardworking and use one of the following tools!

I only have on light make up with one coat of mascara and no Photoshop enhancements on my eyes.

Ok, I rarely go out with my natural eyes because, as you can see for yourselves, it’s quite a difference. My right eyelid is tapered and the left is parallel. I have not yet found a way to make both tapered, although that was what I had growing up. It’s a lot easier just making both eyes parallel instead, so if you have the same problem, you can try the following methods too.

Double Eyelid Glue

This is the oldest method of creating double eyelids and there are an insane variety of glues. Here’s a video on how to use one of the most popular eyelid glues on the market now (I’m using a different brand). It looks pretty scary but I swear it doesn’t hurt.

Pros: Doubles as false eyelash glue, able to create different eyelid shapes, compact travel size that can be used for emergencies (eg; ripped stockings, deco on phone drops, false lashes coming loose etc.)

Cons: Messy, can get tacky on humid days, not the best holding power, tricky to use with eyeshadow.

Double Eyelid Tape

This is the most commen and convenient of the lot. It’s also the method I use on a daily basis. Most eyelid tapes on the market now are almost invisible but you might have to try different brands to see which you like most. Another trend in eyelid tapes are the different ‘shapes’ which helps to create different eyelid looks. Of course they aren’t as pliable as eyelid glue but still fun. They are very affordable too, with average prices between SGD$4-SGD$10 for a pack of 100 or so, depending on the quality. Here’s a video of (another) popular eyelid tape brand. Don’t worry about it being in Mandarin, it’s subbed. She also mentions shipping but ignore that if you live in any country that has Sasa.

Pros: Easy to use, good holding power, comfortable, usable with eyeshadow

Cons: Semi-visible, low flexibility

Double Eyelid Fibre

Double eyelid fibers are the newest of the different tools. They need some getting used to in terms of application, but once you get the hang of it, you will love it. They are slightly pricier than glues or tapes and aren’t very easy to find. They’re usually found in Japanese makeup specialty shops or beauty shops that carry Asia specific international goods. Getting them online is a safe bet though. Here’s a video on how to apply eyelid fiber by Cheesie.

Pros: Highly flexible, invisible, long lasting, easy to use with make up

Cons: Needs getting used to application, slightly pricier

So there you go! If you’ve got the same problem as me or have mono eyelids and want to non-surgically enhance your eyes, try out any of the double eyelid tools. Hope this was helpful to you girls and feel free to comment if you’ve got questions!

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5 responses to “Do You Have Uneven Eyes?!

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  2. Could you show how you put the tape and glue on? the videos don’t help because they start off with monolids. thank you!

    • Hi Cindy, I think I missed your comment. =X Thanks got your interest and question. I will try to film a video that isn’t too confusing on how I use each method! Hope you’re still interested in our posts. =D -Emily L.

  3. I have one double eyelid and one monolid, and it is such a hassle, because one of them is a HUGE tapered double eyelid while the other is completely monolid (my mono-lidded eye isn’t even a hidden double eyelid). I use glue daily on my one eye, but I can’t even go swimming because of this problem. Do you know if the tape will fall off when you swim?

    • Hi! Glad that the glue helps normally but I don’t like it because I live in a humid climate. I use tapes that’s pre-cut and sticky on or side only (not double sided) and they work very well, even when I swim. =) Hope this helps! – Emily L.

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