New Kids On The Block.

I was finally back in town for a week for the Presidential Elections and was fortunate enough to have 2 exciting things happening before I left. First, we had H&M opening in Singapore and second, a personal friend whose style I totally adore is holding a preview sale for her upcoming fashion retail site! To address the first thing at hand, word that H&M has finally opened a flagship store in Singapore should be out and simmering down by now. I know the hype and excitement of girls nationwide but I’ve never really waited for flagship stores to open on our shores to shop. I mean, with the ease of online shopping, I don’t really get the deal. Ok, maybe being able to try clothes on and get special promotions is a plus but the only shop I’m craving for in Singapore right now, is Bath and Body Works. I think I’ve said that too many times.

For those of you who live under a stone or who isn’t a fan, H&M or Hennes & Mauritz AB took over the old site of California Fitness along Orchard Road. As in the whole building. THREE stories of shopping haven. They’re like, the Zara of Sweden. Actually, I’m not sure if that’s even an apt description but you get the idea. Flashy billboards, bright lights, chic interiors and queues so long you’d think there was free money being given away should tell you you’re at the right place. If you haven’t been in town recently or haven’t tried to enter the shop yet, be prepared to get a heart attack, because here’s how the queue looked like the whole weekend.

For those who managed to queue and get in, congratulations and I hope your long hours of waiting was rewarded. For those who didn’t, I hope I’m accurate in saying that there are people in this little island nation who have decided that they have better use of their time than spending the whole weekend queuing to enter the shop, because I’ve got pictures! Well, not from me, but totally credited to Royston Neo of for amazing clarity to the chaos within.

The only thing left is to shop your hearts out and for me to see if the bet I made on H&M is won. In case you were wondering what the bet is, I placed my bet on H&M being ‘taken for granted’ in ‘a couple of months’. Much like Forever 21, Zara and Topshop among others. If I win, my point on Singaporeans being like whiny kids is proven. You know how brats scream that they MUST have something or they will die?* Yeah, that. If I lose, I don’t really lose either since it’ll be a relief that Singaporeans aren’t whiny brats.

*Ok, I might exaggerate but any variation along those lines work.

On to the second and -for me- more gratifying point. Jade Quinton whom I previously featured in our This or That Questionnaire article has moved on to a bigger (and better) cause! She’ll be utilizing her fashion background and setting up an online shop with partner, Karen J. It’s called Rackless and they are girls you really should be looking out for. Quirky fashion that’s wearable and versatile? Check. Quirkier accessories that makes a statement? Double check. An affiliated style blog that details fashion trends and guides? A third check is really more than anyone needs for affirmation. The best part, they are extremely affordable. Here’s a sneak peak from their preview sale at Vagabond Ink last weekend and the items I picked up!

If you like anything you saw, check out Rackless’s Facebook Page and ‘Like’ for updates! Also, just to mention something else that caught my eye that weekend. After I was done at H&M, I popped over to Ngee Ann City and was accosted by this.

About a bazillion people with various shades of pink flowers in their hair! I admit the collage was essentially put together with only 8 pictures but to accurately depict what I saw, I had to duplicate like there was no tomorrow. I realize I’m quite fond of exaggeration, or being honest about exaggerating, but regardless. I hunted down one of the girls handing out the flowers and she very kindly explained what it was all about amidst thinking I wasn’t local. IT WAS A KATE SPADE MARKETING EVENT. So for being thick skinned, I got a 10% discount coupon and free ice cream. Evidence below.

So that was the exciting weekend I had totally filled with all manners of fashion related activity. I’m back in peaceful Thailand but work will remain unchanged so look forward to the next Beauty article!

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