Waiting for the ‘RIGHT ONE?’

Hello people!

I have met a lot of wonderful people in my life, from strangers to friends, strangers to lovers. It is somehow so magical to meet new people and realizing all the things you have in common with them. Truth is you never know what’s going happen or who you’re gonna meet.  All I know is Anything can happen.’  Knowing that just makes me feel more excited about life. To most people, they know me as a lover of life and I always say this to my loved ones, sometimes you just have to use your heart to feel happiness around you .

What I am trying to point out here is anyone can find romance/love or happiness  in the strangest place or ways!You may not be looking for LOVE but that doesn’t mean it is not looking for YOU. Let me share with you 5 of the REAL-LIFE stories of unique starts to

The story on how we met.

‘She was the prettiest girl on the plane!’David was on the flight to Hong Kong and Melissa was sitting next to him and that moment David knew he was in trouble! Melissa was gorgeous and the next thing the both of them were chatting away! They spoke for the entire flight,played cards and laughed a lot. Funny thing was her parents were sitting in the first class and came over for a chat. David realized that he was actually meeting Melissa’s whole family before the first date! At the end of the flight, David and Melissa exchanged numbers . David called Melissa and went out on their first date. Two years later, David proposed to Melissa. =)

‘He lied about his age!’

A good friend of mine, Tracey. She has been very particular about going out with younger guys and she’s would REFUSE to go out with anyone who wasn’t at least 4 years older than her! I remember going to a party with her and she met Craig. She was very attracted to him, but spurned his advances because he looked way too young. Finally Craig showed Tracey his ID and they are the same age! So they embarked on a whirlwind romance. To my surprise, 6 months later, a friend dropped the bomb that Craig was actually 5 years younger than Tracey! He was obviously using a FAKE ID at that point of time. And so, this has just made their relationship more taboo and appealing. Right now they have just celebrated their 3rd year anniversary of  the relationship.

‘All thanks to the cab driver.’

Tammy was running late for work and so she had decided to take a cab that very day. She hopped onto a cab and the driver asked if they could pick up someone along the way. Tammy thought he was kidding . Then, to her surprise, the driver swerved to the side of the road and a tall guy, all eyes and smile, got into the car. Next thing was the cab driver asked him for the fare up front and grew irate when he refused so the driver actually kicked them out! Tammy said the tall guy was saying things like he’d report him and Tammy was pretty impressed by how collective he was about the whole situation. As the both of them started walking to the train station, he offered Tammy a big smile, held out his hand and said, ‘Hi my name is Russell.’ They rode the train together and as Tammy was about to get off the train, Russell asked her to coffee. Of course she said Yes. 🙂

‘ Facebook! ‘

Of course, Facebook. It’s now the new way on knowing new people and thou it’s over the internet but hey, who knows right?! A friend of mine, Tim has a huge crush on Michelle ever since in primary school. Funny how, Michelle was the only person at his height and she remembers Tim as the small blonde boy. Somewhere in Year 5, Michelle moved away and Tim never thought of her again until he found her on Facebook 10 years later! She looked exactly the same and Tim facebook messaged her and asked if she remembers him. She did. Even they live in the same country, they only spoke online for 2 years before their first date. I must say the connection they have is pretty uncanny and Michelle is a great girl, she made Tim feel confident and worldly. They’d send text messages at the same time and catch themselves saying the same thing in unison.

‘ Met over a dead body.’

I remember meeting this middle age couple once when I was having my 3 weeks holiday in Gold Coast, Australia and I must say their story on how they met? It’s pretty extraordinary and sweet. 🙂

Susan met Jude in an anatomy class. They were standing in front of a cadaver – Not the most obvious scene for romance I must say! But as the class went on, Susan realised she liked the way he thought, and the way he stood up for his principles. Jude, of course pursued Susan relentlessly. They got married in 1960, after just a few months of courtship. If I am not mistaken, they were fifth-year medical students. When Susan actually announced their engagement, she was told that she was destroying Jude’s career. At that point of time, nobody seemed worried about hers! She was referred to as ‘ that married student’ and was subjected to all manner of ridicule. There was some level of healthy competition between Susan and Jude. From what Susan said, Jude’s always been the perfectionist, while she. herself tend to look at the bigger picture but I guess they balanced each other. They’ve worked together all over the world and now have 4 children. Even after all this time, Jude is still a romantic. For their 40th wedding anniversary, he planned 3 celebrations in Italy in honour of each decade. I know that, soon they will be celebrating their 50th years together. =)

Alright guys, I hope this article would help those who are STILL searching or waiting for romance to happen. Just remember to keep an open heart and once you let your door open, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Be excited and look forward to all the good things that’s coming your way.

Love ya’all

xoxo, Claris Callista

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