A Smile. What Does Yours Say?

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If you haven’t heard of Acmamall.com‘s blog, here’s a peak at what they do best! Acmamall’s blog covers a variety of topics to complement their shopping site and we were invited to guest write on a Lifestyle topic with them. Our theme is Smiles, read on to see what kind you have!

“Smile!” the photographer says and everybody in the group obediently grins as he or she takes their picture. If you happen to look at a group photo, you will notice that although most people in the picture are smiling, each smiling face does not look the same. It is not merely their facial features that are different but also the very way that they smile.

 Different kinds of persons have different kinds of smiles. Even a single person has different varieties of smiles, depending on the situation and on his or her mood. What does your own smile say? What is the impression others get of you when you smile?

 The Confident Smile

If you often greet people with a relaxed wide smile while looking straight into their eyes, then you have a confident smile. Since you exude an air of friendly authority, others possibly see you as a natural leader who can tackle major challenges. But because your smiling face indicates that you are fairly approachable, others are not highly intimidated by you and they are not afraid to ask you for advice if they need it. So continue to flash that confident smile.

 The Flirty Smile

An arch, alluring smile combined with a few bats of your long lashes or a meaningful gaze is almost automatically perceived as flirty. A flirty smile signals to the other party that you are interested in him or her, whether as a casual dating partner or a potential long-term boyfriend or girlfriend. Although a flirty smiling face can cause you to catch the attention of the person you are attracted to, be a little careful about whom you smile at. Your inviting smile might cause you to thoughtlessly send mixed signals to someone whom you only think of in a platonic manner.

 The Polite Smile

You don’t really feel like smiling precisely at that moment but you know that the particular social situation requires you to smile, such as if you are being introduced to a new acquaintance or you are listening to someone who is giving a speech. And so you give a polite smile – an automatic smile that does not really reach your eyes. If you often wear a polite smile, others could think of you as someone who is proper and civil but cool and detached. Try to add a little more warmth to your smile so that the people around you won’t get the impression that you are not really interested to hear about what they have to say.

 The Cheerful Smile

If a bright and cheerful smile lights up your whole face most of the time, people easily warm to you. That’s simply because you seem happy to meet your friends and acquaintances and you appear to be genuinely interested to know how they are doing. If you are a cheerful person, your smiling face brightens up all the places you go to. Keep on flashing that cheerful smile in order to gain more friends.

 Are there other types of smile you can think of? We’d be interested to hear about your ideas in the comment section below.

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