Lolitalane on Smiles and Youtube!

Hi Guys!

Today’s post is all about new experiences. Last Wednesday we had Acmamall’s guest article on smiles and it’s our first venture in guest blogging with another website. We also mentioned that we were having our version on the topic going up on Acmamall’s blog so here’s an excerpt of our article and hopefully it might provide some tips on how to achieve a brilliant smile!

Read the full article here! We’ve got DIY tips on achieving soft, plump lips and teeth so white and brilliant, you can be Darlie’s poster child.

We are also planning something else new.

Since entering Phase One of the Lolitalane Project, we’ve been slowly introducing new elements to our website. Phase Two is coming up shortly and part of the second phase has a whole new category. Videos! We’re planning a shoot as we speak and are extremely excited to reveal it to you guys.  Keep a look out for that! We’ve got one question though, what kind of videos would you guys like to watch? Song covers, dares, reviews, fashion outfits? Just no weird make out, skanky suggestions please! There’s an endless list of possibilities so feel free to suggest your ideas to us on our Facebook Page or email us at contact@lolitalane if you would like to stay anonymous!

xoxo, Claris and Emily


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