Johnnie Walker® Step Inside The Black Circuit Singapore

Alright! Johnnie Walker’s back with the Singapore Grand Prix and it’s time to mingle with the Known and Gorgeous. Come 24th and 25th September, the smooth whiskey label is throwing the ultimate race party. The Johnnie Walker® Jet Black race party. We’ve been buried up to our necks with work these days, we haven’t had a chance to let our hair down and have actual fun and relaxation! There can’t be a better way than with the Jet Black race party. Behold.

Everyone knows Johnny Walker throws amazing parties and has incredible fan services, treating loyal followers to once in a lifetime experiences. Remember the Johnnie Walker® Pit Crew Experience? Yeap, you can’t ask for more. Or can you? Charles James Wright, Brand Manager of Johnnie Walker® Malaysia was quoted as saying “Johnnie Walker®, the world’s number one Scotch whisky and the market leader in Malaysia, has been a pioneer in rewarding loyal fans with money-can’t-buy experiences such as last year’s Johnnie Walker® Pit Crew Experience. When consumers in Malaysia “STEP INSIDE THE BLACK CIRCUIT” with Johnnie Walker®, they are unlocking the sophisticated and glamorous world of Formula 1™ through the authentic insider-access that we can provide.” It’s tantalizing to know what’s in store, to say the least.

A little bird told us of a contest to win attendance to the 3 day Singapore Grand Prix AND 2 nights of The Johnnie Walker® Jet Black race party. As if that wasn’t enough, we also get five star treatment and get this, a chance to meet uber suave Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button! Yes, the race, adrenalin, party and beautiful people are jaw dropping incentives but it’s not everyday you get the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ drivers! For Malaysians reading this who are absolutely crazy about Johnnie Walker or the heart thumping world of the Formula 1™ circuit, Like Johnnie Walker Malaysia’s Page and take part in their contest to win a chance in experiencing this exclusive privilege!

Held at the sophisticated and glitzy bay front of the Fullerton Heritage district, we can’t wait to see the world re known Johnnie Walker® Jet Black race party transform the area into the most talked about and sought after party central of the year! The invitation only party is going to feature a killer combination of the world’s best DJs (we can’t wait!), interactive experiences to hype up the mood (lots of funky, fun techy gadgets) and to die for Johnnie Walker cocktails that is already setting our heart’s a-race just by writing this.

Now the tricky part is actually winning the competition. Two simple requirements that opens up the gates to so many creative influxes that beating the competition is going to be a challenge.

Requirement ONE

JOHNNIE WALKER® is the global partner of Formula One™ team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ since 2005, who was the 2009 Formula One™ SINGTEL Singapore Grand Prix night race winner and which team did he drive for?

This is easy. We were watching the race like hawks. It’s quite a given too that anyone can just Google and get the answer -_- The winner for the 2009 Formula One Singapore Grand Prix is Lewis Hamilton and he was driving for McLaren Mercedes™. This feels like a comprehension examination.

Requirement TWO

The Johnnie Walker® JET BLACK race party is the most talked about party of the Singapore Night Race, featuring a stellar line up of the world’s best DJ’s, stunning interactive party experiences, and stylish JOHNNIE WALKER® cocktails. Tell us in 50 words or less why we should send you and a friend an exclusive invitation to the party and include 3 or more hi quality pictures of your version of a perfect JOHNNIE WALKER® race party to win yourself 2 passes each to both exclusive events.

Another easy one. The girls at Lolitalane has always loved the best parties. We’ve been so pent up with stress over our hectic schedules that we even dream about work. The best way to relax? An epic Grand Prix, an incredible party and a relaxing mini holiday.

So…Pick us? We promise not to drink and drive!

xoxo, Claris and Emily

No seriously, NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE. Being wise, safe and responsible comes with the price of being adults, which in the first place is what enabled you to even drink or party, right?

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