Unveiling Brands Innershine Premium Range!


Last week, we talked about how to get better skin through methodology, diet and exercise. We also hinted at some of the supplements we love and *GOOD NEWS* we were offered to do an advertorial on the antioxidant supplement we loved! It’s the newly released premium collection Brands Innershine series!

Now, before you guys think, ‘Pfft, an advertisement’ and proceed to close this window, know that here at Lolitalane, we never endorse anything we don’t like/believe in. That being said, we are also very honest about whether or not we like something, though we may not be as brutal about it as other notorious writers.

We already received insider news and samples of the product although we weren’t obliged to say anything about it, but it was so good, we just had to! We were invited to the launch of the Brands Innershine OPC at Sunway Giza, Kuala Lumpur at the super quaint Full House and it was an extremely eye opening experience for us. We met a few Malaysian bloggers too!

Top right in red, Kelly Chin. Middle left: Dephne Kawazoe Kumiko and Melanie Hwa. Middle right: Stephanie Liah. Bottom left: Ashley Ahn and Careen Tan. Bottom right: Kelly Chin and Zheng Noras. Check them out! Sharing is caring! ♥

We were greeted by Mr. Koh Joo Siang, General Manager of Cerebos (M) Sdn. Bhd. at the launch who is bringing Brands Innershine OPC into Malaysia. After the casual (for a press event) greeting by Mr Koh, we got a totally mind boggling scientific explanation by Vice President of the Regional Research & Development division of Cerebos Pacific Limited, Dr. Keiichi Abe. He tried his best to simplify all the scientific mambo jumbo to us, and we tried our best to understand it.

Above: (L-R) Dr Keiichi Abe, Vice President, Regional Research & Development of Cerebos Pacific Limited, Mr Koh Joo Siang, General Manager of Cerebos Malaysia and Ms Carmen Liew, Marketing Manager of Cerebos Malaysia

The gist of it all is that Brands Innershine OPC consists of 5 power berries that includes the famous Acai berry and the star ingredient Grape Seed Extract (aka OPC). For every girl who knows how power an antioxidant Grape Seed Extract is when applied topically, imagine how potent a consumable version is!

The reason why we, and every knowledgeable woman love antioxidants is for it’s powerful defense and breakdown of free radicals that is one of the main reasons of our dreaded aging process. Free radicals are found everywhere nowadays; car fumes, cigarette smoke, alcohol, stress, the list is endless! Having your body able to fend it off from within enhances your natural radiant skin. Where does the role of OPC come in? OPC naturally combats and neutralizes free radicals.

P.S Remember this box!

Remember how we said we loved collagen supplements too? Well, our bodies generally produces collagen naturally but these degenerates quickly over time and exposure to external factors. Other than taking supplements, we also found out that OPC’s natural bioflavanoids locks in and strengthens our collagen supply!

Hope this has been useful to you girls (and guys). Grab your box of Brands Innershine OPC available on shelves nationwide in Malaysia now! If you love it, don’t forget to LIKE them. If you have not been convinced yet, check out their website!

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xoxo, Claris and Emily

Disclaimer: Some pictures are our own, some are taken from Advertlets, in any case, thanks everyone for the contribution!


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