Nurses, Maids and Whips?!

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Finally! The long awaited and anticipated arrival of our most popular category! S.E.X. Hot, sensual and delivered straight to your brain cells and visual senses, but unfortunately not your doors. Since entering Phase One, Emily and I have been overwhelmed with requests for so many different topics and subjects. If not for the power of multitasking and the infinite strengths of the human mind, we might have had to genetically alter ourselves and grow three more pairs of arms and a spare brain each.  Enough of the geeky suggestions and back to the saucy topic.

Claris Callista talking role play this week!

It might come as a surprise, depending on which side of the fence you’re on, that role playing is crazily popular and incredibly normal. It can add a touch of spice to your sex life or potentially unleash your hidden desires. There are of course many types of role playing characters one can take on and the degree of involvement. It might sound a little confusing and scary to propose it to your partner so I am here to help. I am going to go in depth and reveal the different levels of role play and involvement, and let you guys try it out for yourselves.

Skimming It

For any of you who have not broached the exciting realm of role play, this would be a good way to start. Here’s how you can skim the edges of role playing and get a basic feel of what might be in store for you. You can easily alter roles to whatever is comfortable for you but the general concept is intact.

Start by having your partner agree to try out role playing

The easiest way approach the topic is with a casual conversation. Get in bed with your partner and try this lines, ‘Have you ever tried role playing?‘, ‘What do you think about role playing?’ or ‘I think role playing is interesting, do you?‘. Asking a question in an open ended and positive manner makes people feel comfortable and more receptive to you, try asking your partner and take it from there.

After your partner agrees to trying out role play

Depending on how comfortable you are with each other, there are many simple ways to get started! First thing first, establishing your character’. You don’t have to jump right in with a complex scenario if you aren’t too sure what you’re doing yet.

Try choosing a simple profession. A french maid, a teacher or even a meek secretary.

Examples on some of the role play costumes for the ladies. (I just have to choose victoria secret angels)

* Why are the victoria secret angels so HAWT? It will probably take me months or maybe years (depending on my laziness) to get such a hot bod! 😦 *

I have been hearing that girls are complaining about their boyfriend/husband being too lazy to dress up in bed. Is it because they think they have NOTHING to dress up with? Come on guys, get rid of your typical T-shirt with Jeans look. Here’s what you can do to make your woman happy. First, ask your partner what’s their fantasy.

For an example (Especially me) ♥ the bad boy look!

Try putting on a LEATHER JACKET . Mess up your hair for a change. Putting on a jacket really does make a difference in your looks. So much more SEXINESS now! Plus leather jacket adds a bit of masculine to the look.


Play around with these professions as well!

I think the fireman costume is a bit extreme, If you’re up for it? GO FOR IT.

If you don’t want to spend too much money on costumes, invest in a suspenders! Most woman would find it hot too! But I would suggest YOU to keep your body fit too. I am sure you wouldn’t want tummy bulging out with the suspenders. =)

After dressing up in clothes that are befitting of the character you have decided on. From then, take it to the KITCHEN, LIVING ROOM OR EVEN OUTDOOR BALCONY. Wherever your fantasy lies!


 Plan a venue

As a simple role play scenario, meeting ‘someone new’ is an easy way to be comfortable with the situation and incite some excitement into your setting.

 For an example a bar/cafe or even at a supermarket and time to meet your partner

remember your character, dress right, flirt well and assume your personality, well, all night.


Love Y’all! ♥

xoxo, Claris Callista

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