Are YOU Ready For Halloween?

Hi Guys!

So, it’s finally October!!! Ok, I sound a little too excited for anyone who doesn’t know why I am. I’m excited because Halloween is coming!! For every person with a secret wish in their hearts to dress like Cat Woman, a skanky slut/stripper/prostitute, a dirty version of any Disney princess or a half naked fireman, there’s one of me.

I know that didn’t really make sense too. You know what makes sense? For everyone to start scrambling for outfits and getting so satisfied that they’ve bought theirs AND altered it to the perfect fit. Whereby I come in and say, ‘Better not get fat or it won’t be perfect anymore’, like a 90 year old grandmother and also, ‘WHAT’S YOUR MAKEUP?!’. Thus bringing people to further levels of panic. -Bright Smile-

If you’ve been following Lolitalane for awhile, which is to say less than 10 months tops (we’re like babies!), you’d know we’re a mash up of a print magazine and a blog. So unfortunately, there won’t be tutorials for you Halloween maniacs. However, if you exit this window, you’d definitely regret though. Why? Because here’s a collection of the BEST YOUTUBE MAKE UP GURUS ‘HALLOWEEN EDITION’! There you go. Like some dramatic unveiling.


My absolute favourite. Precise, accurate and detailed. He’d make anybody’s 9 year old sister a make up pro. Although a little dramatic, in terms of looks he does, every video has a hidden gem. -Swoons- The video is one he did for Christmas but honestly, Nutcrackers are pretty creepy too.


Really long username and a little confusing, instructions wise but she is amazing too! She’s got plenty of feminine looks that are unusual and even has DIY instructions on making fins, gills etc. Here’s one on Zelda Zoras. A little mermaid like and definitely different. These one is really only for those with time to spare though!


I love her for easy instructions and very wearable looks. So here’s one for girls who want more ‘normal’ looks and last minute desperation. Especially good for ‘I-wanna-be-sexy/slutty’ girls too, MissJessicaHarlow teaching the Jessica Rabbit look!


Alright, don’t say I’m not nice to the boys. Here’s a guru I love for her energy, honesty and crazy looks. This is a look for guys who are clueless or for girls who loves Johnny Depp. It’s Edward Scissorhands!


A channel that does a lot of simple how-to videos. I’m just liking this one look, it makes me think of sexy, dark and mysterious. It’s also highly wearable yet unique enough to stand out. Also, a painted on mask/veil look means less hand luggage and props.

So there’s 5 gurus and more than enough videos and looks for the next 10 Halloweens. In case any of you were wondering, almost all these techniques work on Asian features simply because they are all Halloween looks. What this means is that deconstructing features is already a given so don’t worry if you aren’t the same race or ethnicity as the guru! Good luck in choosing a look and practicing!

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