Favourite Anime of All Time

My all time favourite anime! Nothing can beat Blood+, in my opinion.

Once again, a genre I’m obsessed with, vampiric theories. If you compare it with other media speculations concerning vampires, the concept may not be exclusive but is highly unique nonetheless.

Inspired by a popular OVA, Blood the Last Vampire (not to be confused by the Hollywood live action movie remake, which imo is a complete fail), it’s the story of how the main character copes with finding out she is in fact, one of two last true vampires. She lives the live of a normal human until she discovers her true nature and is torn from her comfortable life. Compelled to fight her conscience, believes and discovering complex organizations that eventually forces her to sacrifice the people closest to her. Telling you guys anything more about the anime would just be a major spoiler but trust me when I say the plot is intricately woven, has tons of action and is infinitely addictive. Unlike popular vampire shows of late, it doesn’t focus on romance. It is gutsy and in some ways, makes one wonder at the possibility of such events existing under the common civilian radar.

Another thing to note about this anime, is it’s incredible soundtracks. Most of them are the works of noted score producer Hans Zimmer and composer Mark Mancina. I swear they are amazing. Also, the opening and ending themes are performed by none us but the best of the best in the J-Pop/anime music scene. Featuring Hitomi Takahashi, Chitose Hajime, Hyde, Mika Nakashima, Angela Aki, Uverworld, Jinn, and K. Blood+ also has light novels, video games, mangas and a fan book. The downside is, some parts of the anime may seem pretty slow, mostly because those are critical moments to discover or note points to unraveling the storyline.

Blood+ Light Novel

Blood+ PSP Game

Blood+ Manga

Blood+ Soundtrack

I’m gonna leave you guys with some trailers. Like how mysterious I am about the actual storyline, so are the trailers. They feature maybe, 1/50 of the actual plot. But impressive nonetheless.

xoxo, Emily

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated to the above mentioned program or it’s network channel or any other related companies. The content in this is post is based entirely on our own views and are not meant to influence or offend any mentioned personalities or other indivuduals. We do not own any of the images, all rights are reserved by the owners of the original images.


7 responses to “Favourite Anime of All Time

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  2. Mine would be Gantz. Not that its the best or anything because i know its not, but at the time i seen it, it had me like “WTF?!” it was crazy. It was different from all the other animes i had ever seen and it was entertaining.

    Whats your favorite anime of All Time?

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