An Insane Hardcore Night with Dj Steve Aoki

28th October 2011, Friday. Rushed down to Avalon after my radio show, told myself no matter what I MUST get myself in to AVALON that night. Knowing it was gonna be packed and with the long queues outside the club, it is definitely a hard time getting in even thou Emily and I were on the guest list. Nowadays, everyone could easily be on the guest list too! And I was right! The crowd outside AVALON was MADNESS! Good thing was we know a few people there and they got us in quick! =) Lucky us!

and so!

Electro House, Dj Steve Aoki was playing at one of the most exclusive club in Singapore, AVALON (Located right at Marina Bay Sands). If you’re familiar with Aoki, you would probably know what to expect at his shows. This guy is amazing! He gave us a crazy & heart thumping  2 hours set!

The crowd at Avalon was crazy, pictures don’t lie as you can see. The moment Aoki dropped his new track , Earthquakey People, everyone just threw their hands up in the air and started dancing like there’s no tomorrow! & seriously AVALON has one of the BEST sound system EVER! It really got the crowd pumping up and yes you tube ‘ Earthquakey People‘ If you have not heard!

Steve Aoki blew my mind away! That night was really amazing and I couldn’t feel my legs at the end of the night. It has been ages since Emily and I partied this hard. It’s all because of the good music & such a fantastic Dj. Whole night consists of non-stop dancing and me jumping on the VIP couch. (Bouncers had to get me off the couch a few times too!)

P.s Emily and I are not hardcore party animals unless it’s for work or a super awesome DJ like Steve Aoki is performing. So please don’t misunderstood us for party animals. Cause we are FAR from that! =P

Aoki was shaking up champagne bottles and popping them, spraying large quantities of champagne at the crowd. That moment I wished I was right at the front.  Totally love it how Aoki hyped up the crowd with his moves and energy. Not to mentioned, how much Emily and I LOVE his fashion style and we were wondering if Aoki actually work out to get those sexy arms!

Emily and I managed to take a break from dancing and took a video when Aoki played one of his MOST POPULAR track , ‘ Turbulence’.  Watch it and you will know why I said it was such an amazing night.

If you were at AVALON that night, you would have agreed with me that it was a crazy wild night.

Love y’all

xoxo, Claris Callista

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