Hennessy Artistry 2011 At The Mines Kuala Lumpur

The last quarter of the year is one of the most exciting (and expensive) periods in a year. It’s full of parties, holidays, sales and what have yous. One of the exciting things Lolitalane did was to attend Hennessy Artistry Live in Kuala Lumpur and like it’s predecessors, it was one hell of a night. With a star studded line up of international performing artistes like Park Jung Min, Landy Wen, Chris Willis and Yolanda Be Cool, the turn up was was more than any organizer could have asked for. Of course, since this is an evening for Hennessy, you can’t forget their signature mixing stations. Be it mixing your own special Hennessy Cocktails or tunes, the fun just doesn’t end. What we loved was the incredibly well thought up activities that party-goers could busy themselves with while waiting for the concert to start in full swing.

Of course, being in Kuala Lumpur also meant meeting up with the wonderful people behind Advertlets, who were also the ones kind enough to invite us to the event. That also meant that their crew of bloggers were present and with so many beautiful girls around, well, we aren’t exactly complaining. It was a thrill to see the variety of blacks, whites and reds (those are Hennessy’s theme colours) and the variations at how the colours were worn.

With a stellar line up of international performing artistes like Korea’s Park Jung Min, Taiwan’s Landy Wen, America’s Chris Willis and Australia’s Yolanda Be Cool, the turn up of fans kept the concert going all night. We were obviously keeping our sore throat inducing screams for Yolanda Be Cool who, true to our expectations delivered a spectacular performance. More party pictures and a video below! – Xoxo, Claris and Emily

Have a beautiful weekend ahead people!

Love y’all! xoxo, Claris and Emily


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