A Guide To Christmas Shopping.

Christmas is around the corner and one thing everyone loves to hate, is Christmas shopping. Impossibly long queues aside, there’s also the fear of shopping last minute and ending up with a selection of the finest range of Stuff No One Wants. To beat the Christmas queues and procure the exact items you want to gift the special people in your life with, here’s a simple guide to beating Christmas shopping blues.

Make A List

Lists are infinitely useful and help ordinary people who don’t have access to personal shoppers, assistants or little green elves keep track of time, items and destinations so that everything falls in place beautifully. Create a list with different categories of people you would need to buy gifts for either by relation or date of meeting helps you prioritize your shopping goals. Getting your hands on Christmas pamphlets issued by major departmental stores for the festive season is a lifesaver too. Picking out as many gifts as possible from one destination not only saves you travel time and number of trips but also maximizes store discounts too.

Plan A Date

Knowing when you can shop and planning for it not only saves you from running around like a headless chicken, it also makes for less time wastage. Planning a date or time to shop isn’t so much about setting a whole day aside but more of using any available time you have. Hitting a nearby shop or departmental store during lunch break not only means that you wouldn’t have to go back to the same area during your off days, you would also have a good portion of your list covered in 5 (working) days. Yes, it may be a little strenuous on your relaxing lunch break but at least you got half your list covered! Split the rest of your list up according to places you need to cover and use after work hours and your weekends to finish up the rest, Christmas shopping done fuss-free in 1 week (or less).

Hit The Sales Rack

A final tip for Christmas shopping. With so many gifts to buy, one thing every normal working adult needs, is a budget. Setting a budget together with your shopping list not also saves you time but shows you the reality of what you can actually afford. So no, your teenage sister doesn’t need a $200 Chloé coffret that you eyed 2 months ago but she could definitely use a 4 piece crystal vanity decorative set that’s on SALE and only $55! The best thing is, both options are from the same mall. There’s always sales going on during Christmas so plan the items you want to get around the budget instead. – Share the love, Emily L.


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