Falling in Love.

In November/December 2011, I took a trip to Tokyo, Japan and promptly fell in love. I fell for 2 different individuals which makes me feel a little bit naughty. Unfortunately, the situation is unnervingly complex and doesn’t allow me to relish any feelings of cheekiness. The reason for the complexity in my dilemma is simply because both parties have a slew of brothers, sisters, cousins and what have yous that I might have occasionally cheated on with. That’s something I’m not very proud to admit but when the men in your life leave you hanging, what’s a girl to do?! So maybe that makes me a little bit of a slut and you might judge me or even hate me for it. Which is why I need your help and advice on how to rid myself of such sinful behavior and feelings. I am only human and I may sin, but as long as I have the resolve to repent and make myself a better person, should I not be given the chance? With that said, I think I should start from the beginning and let you know who the parties involved are.

The leading men in my sordid tale are コンビニ and デパート.  They’re pretty big and famous so I’m hoping you don’t read Japanese nor develop an urge to Google those words because I will let you in on it very shortly. コンビニ is the kind of men that is always around for you. You never need to look too hard to find him nor is he ever too far from you. He is what you would call an essential man and provides you with everything you need to live a comfortable life. デパート on the other hand is rich and suave. He is expensive but that’s also what he provides for you, bringing you the best he possibly can in every aspect of life. The downside to デパート is that he isn’t always quite there for you when you need him and you can never count on him for emergencies.

I hope you can see why I’m so torn, entering a foreign country all alone and being confronted with such tough choices that makes you question your dignity and self worth. Which is also a good time for me to tear down the shimmery curtains of deceit and let you know that コンビニ is really Konbini, which is what the Japanese call convenience shops. Quite obviously デパート is really Depa-to, which is what the Japanese call departmental stores. Now that you’ve put the pieces together, I have to ask you to forget my lies and believe me when I say that the food in Japan is beyond delicious and is really quite affordable, contrary to popular belief. Most of my meals while I was there were from konbinis that were very affordable. They provide meals for any time of the day, in any style you can possibly want. My occasional splurge on daily meals would be time sales during the closing hours of a departmental store. That was something I thoroughly enjoyed since it gave me a certain level of assimilation. Well after 2 paragraphs of lies, you might find my words hard to swallow so here’s a video I painstakingly put together just to make it up to you. – Emily, Share the Love.


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